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  1. Well, my side of the story. Got to Olcott Tues afternoon and she was rollin, waited a bit and went out in front of power plant, caught 6 or 7 small steelies and 1 keeper abut 25". Day 2, 6 kings and 4 steelies. Had a big king straighten a swivel and 4 or 5 real good rips, and a handfull of throwbacks. A very nice day on the pond. Came home early due to weathermans advice, Hmm, kinda questioned that after looking out the door. Anyhow, Olcott has raised their cleaning price to 2.00 a fish now, worth it but hope it doesnt go up, gonna start finding carcasses in crazy places. Like to thank everyone for their advice, good info is priceless, Tight Lines all, Mike

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  2. Coming to NY first week of august. Usually rent a dock at olcott but this year might be full already. Can anyone point me in the direction of another launch close. We have a room at Lighthouse and would like to stay close if possible.

  3. Just getting started in the salmon game. Looking for a deal on flies ,dipseys ,spin doctors and other pertinent equipment needed. On a very tight budget but need to start somewhere. Thanks all and it would need shipped to Ohio. 

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