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  1. Most will just keep trolling and fight the fish. If you're lucky, you might double up. If you aren't confident with that, you can just pull everything. There are boxes out there for flashers, called "flasher files" I think. You could also just store them in a plastic bin. Flies can be hung from pool noodles upside down somewhere on the boat or wrapped around the noodle. You could also put them in small plastic bags.

  2. It looks very promising to me, Torpedo might become the new standard for weighted line.  The lifetime guarantee they offer is cool, looks like they've got faith in their product.  I wonder if it actually sinks at the rate of regular copper. It's hard to believe, but we will see.  I'm excited to see this product in action.

  3. As others have said, attach absolutely everything in the boat to a switch (except bilge pump).  This way, it is impossible for your battery to drain when you aren't there.  If you have this setup it will be obvious when your batteries have gone bad.

  4. For Sale:

    Eagle FishEasy 350c with transducer - $40

    Moor Sub-Troll 900 (needs antennae, coated cable, and new paddle wheel for probe) - $200

    Eagle SeaCharter 480DF - SOLD

    Send me a PM, will take PayPal or cash pick up. Can meet in Tully, Syracuse, or Mexico. If required, buyer pays shipping.



  5. The best out there are torpedo shaped and shark shaped weights in most peoples' opinions.  The weight is determined by your downrigger capabilities for your motor (or will to crank if you have manuals).  I run lighter weights for spring browns because they're only a few feet down and it reduces strain on the cable/motor, but when it comes to salmon season I use the heaviest I have to reduce blowback.

  6. I've had a bunch lakers out of Ontario.  They aren't bad, but they do taste a little fishy. It's worth a shot to keep one and see if you like it.  I wouldn't freeze them though, doesn't taste very good after being frozen.  :shake:

  7. Get a 300' tape and walk out with your wire and see what your counter says

    I tried this, wasn't that bad of a walk. I used a separate line counter that counts the line that runs through it, and it was about 30 feet off at 300ft. Gonna spool mono on top then wrap the whole thing on another reel, recording when the mono ends, then wrap that much mono onto the reel and the other spool of wire I have. Thanks for the idea, didn't even think about testing it.

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