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  1. Lowrance Elite 7 TI for sale. Includes Totalscan Transducer, sun cover, and RAM mount. Has sonar and GPS with a Navionics chip in it. Includes all cords required but does not have any instruction manuals or boxes. $500 $400
  2. Most will just keep trolling and fight the fish. If you're lucky, you might double up. If you aren't confident with that, you can just pull everything. There are boxes out there for flashers, called "flasher files" I think. You could also just store them in a plastic bin. Flies can be hung from pool noodles upside down somewhere on the boat or wrapped around the noodle. You could also put them in small plastic bags.
  3. I'm looking for a small jon boat / row boat. The boat must be able to handle a 9.5hp motor, so 10-12ft, and it must have papers. I'm willing to pay up to around $400.
  4. Still available. The Eagle Seacharter also includes GPS disc.
  5. Very disappointing....it was a great and convenient store. Now Mexico fisherman have to head all the way over to Pulaski.
  6. It looks very promising to me, Torpedo might become the new standard for weighted line. The lifetime guarantee they offer is cool, looks like they've got faith in their product. I wonder if it actually sinks at the rate of regular copper. It's hard to believe, but we will see. I'm excited to see this product in action.
  7. As others have said, attach absolutely everything in the boat to a switch (except bilge pump). This way, it is impossible for your battery to drain when you aren't there. If you have this setup it will be obvious when your batteries have gone bad.
  8. Better get used to it, North East winds are in the forecast until at least Monday according to NOAA.
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