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  1. I did the flat lining at nighttime thing for a few years with one of those single pontoon boats. LOTS of fun. Made a few rod holders from PVC and rowed and rowed. Best night had 3 in just a few hours pulling spoons and j-plugs. No need to see your rod even when you hear the reel scream it's game on. Made sure I had a good light as I certainly wasn't the only one out there.
  2. Thanks for the tips, tight lines.
  3. Glad to find this site!! I'm from Orwell (pronounced O'Well sometimes) I recently acquired and new to me 18' aluminum with two big John down riggers. Now apparently this is an expensive endeavor this lake fishing which is very new to me. Especially when you live 15 minutes from Pulaski! Picked up some basic gear and headed out the first time on Tues morning. Will be running two dr, and two dipsies if in I don't tangle everything up first. I have 5 fly/flasher setups, lots of spoons, and 1 meat rig. Dumb question #1- IF I actually hook up, do i pull everything like a mad man and then fight the fish, just slow down a little or what? Dumb question #2- what if anything is available to keep you gear organized, I mean I have lots of small tackle but all this larger stuff isn't going to fit in what I currently have. Dumb question #3- I'll be launching out of Port Ontario, any certain channel for the Cb? Thanks to all as I have been reading and reading lots of older posts. Stay thirsty my friends.
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