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  1. I agree with you, I have had the same luck with Musky Innovations leaders few years back, but again it all comes down to how you crimp, what tools you use, and if you have the right components. Under-crimping the sleeves will result in the leader failing due to a slip, and over-crimping the sleeve will result in a broken leader at the sleeve as we both have seen. Again you need the right tools to do the job.
  2. I would disagree with you on the crimp statement. Deep see fisherman have been making their leaders using crimped sleeves for decades for way bigger and more aggressive fish such as sharks, tuna, sailfish, marlin etc. I have seen muskie fisherman crimp their leaders the wrong way, using the wrong tools, and wrong sleeves. I am not saying that you might have done it wrong, but if done right it will last you longer then a tied leader. But again everyone has the right to their opinion and I respect that My only concern was the thimble on my setup for muskies... Looks like I will lose those after yesterday, it seems to be throwing my lure action a little off due to the extra weight. Thanks Zipp
  3. Thanks guys... I don't do a whole lot of trolling, it;s mostly casting.. The leader material is made by Seaguar "Blue Label" considered one of the best in 100# and 130# test. The only reason I had the metal thimbles on is I was worried that the snap and the swivel might damage the leader loop that is around it. That might not be the case... I really wish these bigger leaders were easier to tie and I would never use the sleeves...
  4. Thanks for your reply. The medium size thimbles only come in the stainless steel color, I thought about painting it with my air brush black but I think that the swivel and the snap would take that black color off in matter of a few casts since it's loose on it and can slide back and forth. I am really not concerned about the swivel visibility since its about 12" away from the lure, I am more concerned about the area where the snap is located. I can definitely use a clear bead.. As far as your under the water invisibility goes I am not sure how to respond. I also fish for trout and I use 4LB flouro and I have had pretty good luck using it, I also fished 4LB mono a few years back and had a pretty good turnout. The only reason I switched from mono to flouro is because the advertisement caught my eye and I kind of stuck with it. Maybe next time I catch one I can ask if it saw my line Thanks Zipp
  5. Hi all, I am experimenting with new leaders for muskie fishing. I have seen this setup being used this summer while I was down in Florida deep sea fishing. I thought I could use the same set-up for muskies. My only concern is the following: 1. Do you think that the fish would notice the stainless steel thimble that attaches to the snap and the swivel? The purpose of the thimble is to protest the 100lb fluorocarbon leader from getting damaged while we jerk the baits... The picture is attached to the post.. Any input on this is highly appreciated Thanks Zipp
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