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  1. Hello fellow anglers. I live in north greece (Rochester, NY). I am about 2 miles from Charlotte pier so I do a lot of fishing there. As a younger man I used to fish for largemouth cats and carp. As I got older, I just couldn't find the time and stopped fishing all together. I started back up a couple years ago. I primarily fish for carp because I know where to find them, how to catch them and they are a lot of fun to bring in. I am looking to branch out a bit. This time of year I am all about catching some Salomon but I don't have a boat. I hear the Charlotte pier is a good place to go but I don't know how to fish for them which is part of why I joined LOU. I hope to learn a lot here. As I continue to grow my skills, I will be sure to share my success stories and hopefully some day I will be able to share advice with other members.
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