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  1. My brother and I were out trolling the west river (strawberry to old shipyards) Thursday between 10-3:30pm. Nothing hit our perch baits but saw a few big marks in the area. Thought for sure with the great weather, improved water clarity and full moon we would have connected. Maybe you guys can help me here. Do you guys troll much in the direction away from falls? You gotta drive faster to get the baits moving but what is the preferred method? We've had a big fish going either way but I'd like to know if one was more a fluke. I personally like trolling towards the direction of the falls since its faster, gets the baits down quicker, and my theory is the skis are waiting behind rocks waiting for prey. Also this sounds like a really dumb question but is trolling in the direction towards the falls considered upstream or downstream? With the current how it is in Upper Niagara i'm always second guessing myself. Hope you are catching.
  2. We braved those crazy winds yesterday. Trolled the shorelines between Frenchmans and Bear creek because it was really the only place we could. Spent some time trolling in front of the cattails and the old shipyard mostly. Water really stained and nothing to show for efforts. Skipping Saturday but back out next Thursday. Might be too early...last years 25lber was caught Nov 14th
  3. Thanks for the continued great reports Larry. My brother and I will be trolling the west river Oct 20, 24, 29 for our annual Niagara musky hunt. 3 day trips in 9 days will hopefully give us some results. Results not bad last year in 2 trips got 2 smaller 34 inch fish and one 44". Hoping for bigger and badder this year! Time to Bring it!
  4. We launched at 10 by millers and saw 6-7 boats already in the area......then they were all gone. Water very dirty by grand isle so we changed the plan and fished millers area that had clearer water. By that time all the boats returned and it got pounded pretty good. At 1pm we nailed one 37" and got to try out the new net. If any of you members were out there, we were in the 14ft blue crestliner. Done for the year...thanks for the great info along the way. Good luck the last 2 weeks!
  5. Thanks again. Saturday we're heading out, last trip of the year. Can only hope I get to break in the new net! yeah
  6. Hi Larry, We were going to get out last Friday but parent teacher interview and work got in the way. Here's my dilemma, do we go either Fri or Sat? Friday has 15k NW winds so the waves shouldn't be an issue I figure. Sat has 25k SW winds and a bit warmer which I expect will give some chop to the water. We are in a 14ft boat, will the waves be bad in the West River around the triangle? Which day would you recommend?
  7. Those are some great tips. I'll post up how we do. Keep up the great work and good luck!
  8. Great reports Larry, you've got me following you every day for the past few weeks. My bro and I will be out there this Friday morning and afternoon after some success last Monday. Sounds like it will be like chocolate milk in the upper river though. Do you have any tips for fishing those conditions? My gut tells me using big bright lures slowly but maybe I'm wrong. Keep up the great reports!
  9. Hi guys, i'm new to the board here. Sayin hello to the members. My brother and I were out on Upper Niagara Monday to greet those sunny skies. This was my return to the Upper in nearly 10 years. Last time I was there I was with Dad and I lost a biggie at boatside. Not sure if it was the heatbreak or my 2 kids later that kept me away so long but it was good to be back. We trolled up and down and my brother caught this 44 then followed up with a 36. We'll be back out again soon to hopefully share more pics. Here's my biggest this year with my boy there. A skinny 42 from upper buckhorn. Hope you liked the pics
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