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  1. 18-35 ft. From Clayton to Alex bay. Look for humps on your map. PS...get a map..1 oz sinker and a crayfish works well, drifting off drop offs, worm on a 1/2 oz buck tail, drop shot with pink or watermelon wacky worm. Find the blue/green water....rocky bottom...drop shot there. Good luck!

  2. Anywhere from Clayton to chippawa bay. I've been finding them mostly on the sides of humps that drop to 30-60 ft. Hugging the bottom with my bb and floating worm harness. 8-10 pm seems to work for me!

  3. FYI...we had the same season. Great walleye season with a horrible perch and smallmouth. My normal ice out spots for perch didn't produce, and I really had to work to get a few smallies. Soft shell crabs were the best for the bass along with watermelon senkos. Nothing worked for perch.

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    Niagara shoal producing! Bottom bouncer with floating worm harness. Green and orange seem to produce for me. 45-65 ft.. Great summer for walleye action. Bass not so good.

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  5. Hello, new to the forum and I'm looking forward to posts and pictures. We fish the St. Lawrence, our camp is located in swan bay. I fish mostly for smallies but would like to target more walleyes this year. I own a 1996 gradywhite 192 tournament, so if your fishing the narrows say hi.


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