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  1. oldegremont

    40 Flashers

    That would make my daughter cry
  2. oldegremont

    40 Flashers

    sold the lot
  3. oldegremont

    40 Flashers

    I will not split them up Take all 40 for a 100.00
  4. oldegremont

    40 Flashers

    They are not sold yet Fishface 89 wrote sold and they are not yet
  5. oldegremont

    100 Lures For Sale

    Hi I still have lures, I made a mistake there is 200 lures not a 100 if you are interested I will ship to you cost will be $13.45 for priority mail I live in Western Mass. Craig
  6. I have 40 different flashers of color and size $2.50 each but you have to buy all Some are brand new Call 413 528 3827 Craig
  7. I have 200 lures for sale; evil eyes, Michigan stingers Northern Kings, Salmon Slammers, Etc. You will see by the pictures colors and different sizes $1.00 a piece but you have to buy all of them I can send you more pictures but I think you get the idea 1 413 528 3827 Craig