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  1. I've been wanting to get out on Lake Ontario to do some jigging. I wonder if anyone would be willing to share some tips in jigging for lake trout? I've never tried lake trout fishing before but I've heard that when active they will hit nearly anything, but that big tube jigs and paddle tail swimbaits can be really good. This sounds like a lot of fun especially compared to trolling. What I have no idea about is how to go about locating fish. What type of water and structure am I looking for? Depths? I'm fishing from a kayak but I have sonar with GPS and side imaging. I already have a couple options to launch from but once I'm out on the lake I'm not really sure where to start looking. Thanks
  2. I was looking for info on Lake Ontario and just came across this forum a couple days ago. Lots of awesome info and very knowlegable people here! I am just getting moved back to the Niagara region and am about five minutes from the lake. I'm moving from Ohio where I have been an avid kayak angler for the past decade and a half. I fished mainly rivers and smaller inland lakes for bass mostly. I am very excited about paddling lake Ontario this year and hooking up with some of the awesome trout salmon and steelhead in the area. I have a lot to learn about the fishery here. Its going to be a good year! Oh yeah...Anybody here participate in Kayak Wars?
  3. What is a good trolling speed?I can comfortably paddle at 1.5-2.0 mph for a few hours and up to 2.5mph if the wind helps! Much faster than that and I'll get worn out after a half hour.
  4. Your Sonar knows they're out of season and won't show where they are LOL!
  5. I'm wanting to try trolling Lake Ontario from the kayak for spring browns. I haven't ever tried, but from reading here and other places I kind of have an idea of how to go about finding them. I have a FeelFree Lure 11.5 and a Humminbird with SI and DI setup so hopefully I'll be able to locate fish. I think I'm going to start but trolling F9 Rapalas along mudlines near tributary mouths. Any suggestions for how I should setup to do this or any suggestions? Thanks
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