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  1. Anyone out there catching walleye yet past the fairy? water temp? hotlures? any info would be helpful thanks!
  2. Lakers were 12-17 lbs and got two Chinook in shallow that were around 3 lbs
  3. Ripplin red fin fluorescent yellow/ silver belly cleaned up! Downriggers, steel, copper and ledcore was key, caught a few on dipsy lines but least productive
  4. Niagara on the lake out front the old fort USA was hot this weekend! Water temp 41, troll speed 1.5, 30 ft water , lures that worked were peanuts and green stick baits, caught a few Chinook in tight too
  5. Same here! Fishing Friday and Saturday, boat name is "tye 1 on" Chanel 16
  6. Is anyone having any luck out there trolling around in that area, are the lakers hungry yet Water temp? Lures?
  7. Is anyone having any luck out there, niagara on the lake area river mouth. water temp? Lures?
  8. Looking for this rod, if you have or know anyone with this rod please contact 1705 801 5397 thanks a lot zach
  9. Looking for omni brougham downrigger rods, I have broke/lost my fathers collection of these rods and need to replace! Part number OB-290-J could be off abit onletters/ numbers If you have or know anyone with these rods please contact me thanks a lot zach 17058015397
  10. Does anyone have an idea of water temp south shore niagara river mouth and the bar? Waiting for the laker fishing to really turn on! Also im looking to replace rod and reel, whats everyone recommend for a reel, walker downrigger rods? thanks a lot zach
  11. We were trolling between 1-1.5 mph on GPS, however speed wasn't consistant
  12. Launched at port delhousie trolled around for a bit wasnt marking anything. Decided to power up the lake to niagra bar/fort erie mouth. Marking tons of fish between 25-55feet. Fish were active on the move checking out cannon balls. We used short leads and long, all types of lures and colours. No such luck though, any idea what kind of fish these were, should we try herring next time, any help here would be appreciated
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