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  1. Fished sand pond this week end. got some nice large mouth bass.We caught northern pike. nothing bigger than 8lbs.. no walleye in sight. tried all over the pond. we picked up a couple of small mouth in the salmon river. just past the bridge.
  2. Anyone know where the small mouth bass are? Also, what's the temperature on the big lake? Thank you
  3. anyone fish sandy pond this week? if so whats good? I'm heading up this Friday.
  4. I catch and release all my fish. Are they in the salmon river? Thank you
  5. Does anyone know where the small mouth bass are hiding out? We used to do well in the salmon river over by the state park. Going up there next weekend. Thank you
  6. i will be casting. no live bait. lures only. thank you
  7. I am heading to sandy pond next weekend. looking for pike and walley. any suggestions? thank you
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