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  1. Hi i need a new starting battery this year for my boat and im not too sure what to get. I currently have a interstate 24M-XHD and am looking to upgrade this year. I will be running a helix 12 on it and sometimes a helix 7. I currently run my 2 cannon riggers to my trolling motor batteries but i think i would like to move them to my starting battery so the auto stop feature will work. My engine is a 115 hp 2 stroke. I do alot of bass fishing with my boat along as salmon fishing. I am also looking at possibly getting an AGM battery. Any recommendations would be greatly appropriated. 

  2. 20-30 north but if it starts turning over that may push fish shallow.
    12-16 south
    Got my dad this one Sunday. That’s the last day we were out. I should be back Friday.
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    Thanks i will let you know how i do!!

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  3. Man...it’s been pretty tough numbers wise the last couple months, but we have been getting some nice ones. Be prepared to troll all day for 0 to 3 hits unless things have changed since the weekend. Last weekend the south end was 55-57 degrees and the north end was 58. Turnover on the north end should be happening soon. You may do well showing something different than they are used to seeing every day. Not sure why they have been in a funk for as long as they have.
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    Okay thanks you!! Any idea on depths of were i should be?

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