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  1. Berts Rod Holders , Adjustable

    Up for sale are two Bert's ratcheting rod holders in excellent condition. 1 is missing a thumb screw and one missing the rubber boot which is an easily replaceable item. Asking 35 each or both for 60. Shipping is extra or can be picked up along the I 84/ I 81 corridor from NJ to Oswego. Pm or call (908) 442-6038



  2. Dmd Like I said it is nothing personal at all. I don't fish anywhere near that end of the lake , I have never met him nor do I care to. I am an avid duck hunter as well as a waterfowl guide. I do absolutely everything by the book and I would expect my peers to do the same. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, BSmaster said:

    Be careful falling from Ivory Towers...


    As humans we generalize and this goes for any group of people.  Its why many professions need to be wary of bad individuals within their demographic.  The same logic can be applied to this story.  There are do-gooders out there who are strong PETA trolls or just tree hugging animal loving anti hunting people wanting to destroy that which this community is passionate about.  I think the antisentiment is justified.  If a person of anonymity did this we probably would complain about it but to a lesser extent.  Most likely it infuriates us that a self proclaimed ambassador to the outdoors is a cheater and now his arrest is fodder for the anti hunting establishment.  Arguing over the finer points is irrellevant.  If the man deserves respect from this community than he should have given respect to the laws.  Whether you agree with it or not or even want to it to be true he is a representation of what we do in the eyes of those looking in from the outside. 


    So in my opinion all the negativity is fine in this instance.  I don't know him as an individual and I don't know how I will feel about it if I ever do.  I have fallen victim to the one sided opinions of others in the past and I try to avoid it whenever possible.  But, with that said, he has to account for what he did and part of that is public ridicule.  Some will be more ridiculous than others.  So be it.  Can't do the time - don't do the crime.

    Perfectly said. Thank you

  4. 1 hour ago, dmd113 said:

    You are missing my point! At the beginning of my post I clearly stated what he did was wrong! I don't condone what he did. If I read correctly it will cost him $15000 total  $5000 fine+ $10000 donation to waterfowl charity & 2 years no waterfowl hunting. While still facing possible further court actions. Not the death penalty but  $15000 isn't weekends doing public service. LOU isn't about airing "grievances" or personal attacks! But I will ask you the same question.Do you feel any member should be fair game? DWI, domestic violence dispute.. etc ?  Wife beater vs poacher? Who's worse? Because this also sounds personal!

    I don't drink and drive and I fully believe anyone who does deserves extensive jail time. . I never raised my hand to a woman so yeah I would say they are all fair game and should be treated the same a a person that poached for profit. It isn't personal at all. I never met the idiot nor do I care to

  5. Plus his vids are laughable and gives us hours of laughter on our boat. Neutral  Black Forward Neutral back red back forward rod up rod down forward  .... for crying out loud it is a freaking lake trout that fights like a wet sock it isn't a white Marlin.  I have put 350 pound tuna on deck with a novice fisherman fighting the fish on stand up gear and did not need to perform the same amount of boat work that moron needs to net a 10 pound laker

  6. The scum bag advertises on his web site that he is an "ambassador" of waterfowling.  I live in a state that allows baiting for deer .  I don't do it not will I put a client in a stand that has been baited for deer. 25 acre food plots are not the same as  a trough full of corn in the middle of a water hole for ducks. The guy is a hack. His stupid you tube shows are geared towards weekend warriors and contain hours of editing to make it look like he is the lakes  best fisherman. He goes to the west end for spring kings where Stevie Wonder can go and box out in an hour and then bull****s that he is outside of Henderson. The landscape in the background doesn't lie. Him and his band of idiots in his "fleet" make a living off people that know no better. I am even more upset by the harvesting of illegal birds. The guy is an a#$ and there should be no excuses made. It is my hope that when he appears in federal court that he sees jail time.

  7. On 1/26/2017 at 4:22 PM, Capt Vince Pierleoni said:

    Although the breakaway "dropper" is designed to fail first, it doesn't go through the abuse your regular cable or braid goes through(running over pulleys, on spools, through lanyards, ect). It is extra critical to examine the rigger the probe is on and perform more routine maintenance to up the odds against losing the whole "shebang."

    No truer words have been spoken! you are spot on.

  8. On 1/29/2017 at 3:49 PM, Capt Vince Pierleoni said:

    Sweet ride. If it helps, most of the Charter boats and tourney rigs on Lake O have been renamed. You can pretty much rule that concern out. Bananas onboard however, don't even think of messing with that. Good luck! 

    Agree! we purchased our boat this year as the third owners. We put the 3rd name change to her and all we did was catch fish. No issues. On the flip side we did do the renaming ceremony lol. 

  9. I am sure not much will happen till the marina revamp plans are finalized. It would be a fun idea to play with but all ya really have to do is take a look at a good wind speed, direction, and forecast app. I have a three and a half hour drive to Oswego every weekend. I am going up regardless. I wont base a fishing trip of a web cam. That lake goes from 5' to Glass in the blink of an eye and vice versa. But yes a cam would be nice. 

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