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  1. Ok we have 4 DR's. 2 with 4' arms and 2 with 2' arms. We were going to set them up so the short ones were off the back of the boat, and run the long ones off the sides of the boat. (unless there is a better way.) We have 2 10 lb weights and 2 12 lb weights. What would be the best position of the weights, heavyer on the out the sides or off the back of the boat. Any suggestions as to what configuration to run them will help. Outsides deeper or insides. Lure placement flashers verses spoons, We have some terminal tackle, but will be buying more locally when we get there. Fishing out of Olcott 28 -30. Thanks for any information that you can give.
  2. Sorry typo in number, it is fixed now. Sent you a pm. Please call me again. thanks.
  3. Will be in Olcott Aug. 28th, looking for weights. Need 2. I do have 2 6lb CB, brand new. To sell Dan 937 726 574 six