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  1. I am just beginning to get interested in the big lake. I am primarily a kayak fisherman but my buddy has a boat and that has expanded our horizons. We'd still have to pick our spots though as his boat is not a super duper bass boat and rough water limitations would keep us very cautious. Is most of the good smallmouth fishing in the Kingston area? I saw Izumi in some great looking water 7/8 feet deep with some island shoreline and Windmills in the background. I believe he was in the Kingston area. Lake Ontario is huge and I don't know where to start but I know I could possibly catch fish to rival those I got after driving 6 hours North. Any help for this Lake Ontario greenhorn is appreciated. God Bless, Don
  2. Hi, I am primarily a kayak fisherman but my buddy who I got into kayak fishing purchased a boat last year and we have been out together a number of times. We are almost invariably in searchh of my favourite fish, the smallmouth bass. We've been up north and had great success but I am aware that Lake Ontario has some real trophies. Looking forward to sharing smallmouth experience with like minded fishermen on this forum. God Bless, Don
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