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  1. He's not...he's way out East in 315 land.... Port Bay?
  2. Motor service recommendations? Hey all, hope you had a great boating season! I'm asking for recommendations for a service center in the Rochester area for my 2003 4-cyl. Yamaha 115. It runs great and I keep it maintained, but I really would like to get it professionally serviced. I have no idea when the last time a marine service or Yamaha pro even looked at it. I've had it three seasons. I really don't want to drag it 40 miles just for service. Any preferred guys around Monroe County? Thanks!
  3. Great...thanks guys. We'll have WiFi... so my son and his buddy won't go insane. Airplane mode... got it. And that's cool that we'll get text warnings too. I've been out of the country before with no Verizon at all and that's what I ended up doing. All I really care about is the camera to take pictures of my friends catches. I suck at fishing so I'll probably end up playing charter captain for him all week anyway. He can catch walleye on an old shoe.
  4. Hi all, Going up to the islands for a week fishing around the Goose Bay area. Is there anything we should be aware of when it comes to cell coverage and having to deal with being that close to Canada? We'll be running around all over the islands and I don't want to get stuck with roaming or international charges. Verizon is expensive enough without tacking on enormous extra charges. Thanks!
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