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  1. Our rubric indicates that we have 4 demographic questions, and 8-10 survey questions. We have the demographic questions because as a group, we guess that our demographic (customer market) typical buyer would be a middle aged man with an above average income. However, we are open in interviewing different types of people so that we can conclude for sure who our market is. Like I said earlier, we are a group of college students who have little or no knowledge about boat owners. Our given task for our project is to figure out which components (how much should a company base their price on, if a company should specialize in indoor or outdoor services, what important parts or components do we need to know about when it comes to winterizing a boat, etc.) The question asking how often you use the boat, gives us an idea on if having a boat in Canada is practical or not. We are not professionals or specialists when it comes to dealing with boats and we do not have many connections or sources for our survey. We turned to forums so we could get better knowledge on owning a boat, what the procedures are to taking care of it in the winter and if it is easier and cheaper to winterize your own boat or better to be done professionally.
  2. Hi, Before I get any more hate messages, I would like to clarify and explain the exact reasons for my postings. I would also like to point out a typo that I made in the first post that has off-set all these responses. Firstly, I meant to write... that I am doing a Research project to find out information and see if it is possible to start my own company for winterizing boats. With that being said, this research project is done by myself and my fellow group members. We are a team of college students who are doing a research project to help enhance our learning about the possibility of if a company for winterizing boats is practical in Canada or if it is easier for boat owners to winterize their boats themselves. We are not here to offend anyone or scam people from anything. Personally as a college student and also not a boat owner, I would agree that our questions may not be on point or may seem silly to all of you on this forum. But for us, we have little or no knowledge of owning a boat. I would like to apologize to anyone who may think that this is a scam or BS, it is not. It is honestly a research survey for boat owners. Unfortunately, because we are students and don't live in an area that is suitable for a boat... finding results was not easy for us. After searching for people to help us on our survey, we turned to boat forums in Canada to see if we could get a response or suggestions from boat owners. We do not men to offend any of you or scam you out of anything, and I hope this post clarifies anything that may have been poorly written in the first post. My group and I still hope to get some answers or at least some help but if this is still not believable, then thank you anyways. Thank You
  3. Hello, I have a survey attached to this post. I am trying to start my own company for winterizing boats and I wanted to find out ore information. If any of you fellow boaters could help me out, that would be great! Thanks in advance. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sTy0jNzBL1zl0JXZBaIljQqAsvMmbV_CIteOo15U9ZE/viewform
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