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  1. Thanks Skunked again I was starting to think I went a little overboard talking about how much I like fishing and that's why no one responded? I just assumed there were other people out there like me? So do you or anybody else have any tips on doing the artpark or similar drifts from a boat? my buddy is talking about doing it sunday. This is his first year with a boat and all he did this year is go on erie for walleye with it. Neither of us has ever drifted in the river. Or is there a thread here for noobs about doin it?
  2. I have been a member of this site since I think spring. I haven't actually used it or been on it much. I fish all year round any chance I guess being a 39 year old bachelor this works out to usually two days a week and then mostly every day on vacations. I am also ways looking to learn new techniques, fish new places, etc etc. I would fish with anyone who is die hard who is interested doing any kind of fishing though I prefer trophy hunting of any species and catch and release when at all possible. I mostly fish bass in the summer and salmon lakers, steelhead, and browns fall-spring. Though I would love to catch more than the one musky I have under my belt and big walleye are great too. Fall through spring I mostly fish the lower niagara so if thats your thing and you want company let me know, I fish artificials exclusively. I use spinning gear almost exclusively, though I have almost every piece of tackle known to man I could even go fish in the ocean right I have the tackle even though I only do it maybe once or twice a year. I fish mostly soft plastics for bass and mostly spoons and spinners for trout/salmon. I have fly fished many years ago and I wouldn't mind going fly fishing if someone was down to show me I have yet to catch I fish in the dead of winter in the lower river. It is my goal this year. I also have a center pin though I have never used it. I would be willing to pay someone to teach me center pin or fly fishing if they could help me catch a fish in the winter after my spinners stop working. I also would love to learn to fish a blade bait or jig from shore in current. Basically I am not proficient at jig fishing period unless its dragging a jig in a pond for bass. I have also never caught a fish on a blade bait (something like a reef runner cicada). I would love to learn how to catch fish on quikfish too though I think that is mostly a boat thing. Or if someone is good at fishing spoons in current I have read books but have only been able to catch fish casting up current a retrieving like a inline spinner I have read books where they "mend" the line etc but it seems like there is an art to it and though I have tried I haven't gotten it. I do not have a boat I do most of my fishing from shore or piers. I do have two inflattable kayaks and plan to have a top of the line fishing kayak by the first of the year. I do not get seasick regardless of waves and have no problems helping out on a boat I have been out a number of times on a friends boat for walleye. Though worm harnesses are not my thing and actually trolling period is not my favorite kind of fishing if there big fish I'm happy if were just putting meat in the freezer I would rather go catch and release bass fishing. And my next question is my walleye fishing buddy who has a boat wants to try going to lower niagara and doing the artpark drift and maybe down river farther. He has no experience doing this and neither do I . I have never drift fished except for walleye in erie with 3 ounce bottom bouncer and stickbait. Are there any threads on drift fishing techniques, lures, termianl tackle (weight size) the lower river that I can read? Or does any body have any tips? In conclusion My name is Sean and I would love any help or company from other fish-aholics! Its nice to meet all of you tight lines!!!!!!
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