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  1. Awesome! Where will you launch? Do you have a CB radio? I will be at Whitby area probably from Thursday to Friday.
  2. fishhawk1972 - I'm heading out there next coming week-end. Did you see a lot of action on the sonar?
  3. Leaving Thursday morning and heading fishing until Sunday - Stating my trip at the Whitby Marina for day 1 and maybe moving forward to Toronto, Hamilton on day 2-3 if the fishing isn't good there. Has anyone gone out in the Whitby or Toronto area yet?
  4. Hey guys, I'm planing a fishing trip the second week-end of April on big Lake Ontario. Did anyone go this year? Are steelheads starting to pick-up? Which area should we try? I was thinking launching at Port Whitby and make a run to see where we see activity on the fish-finder, thoughts? I am well setup with downriggers but wanted to know your opinion on depth, speed, area... etc.. If anyone has already gone this year and if they have any pictures Let me know, Mike
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