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  1. Mylar Skirting Hi All - Looking for a good source to by mylar skirting to rebuild a bunch of meat rigs and also build a bunch more. Been digging around online and having difficulty finding them. Atomik has teasers made up in packages of 3, the majority of the other tackle guys don't offer it, and not finding exactly what I need online. I'm looking for individual colors by the sheet that will make about / roughly 12 teasers per sheet or something close. Any help is appreciated... Pray for sun this weekend!
  2. PAP, I see your south of Scranton. I just moved to PA. Used to fish Lake MI and Lake Huron for Silver and walleye for about 20 years. Had to move out here for work. I'm just north of scranton. Give me a shout if your ever interested in a rider or being one. I will be floating alone till I find some people. Going up July 4 weekend alone. Wife is going to Houston.
  3. Pound Test Is 20# leaders to light for LO?
  4. that worked... thanks... green label seem a bit big. is that what you use? I am using a meat rig
  5. Wow.... Ask and you shall receive. Thank you... I tried the extremenorthwest and it did not work. Any others that will ship?
  6. Wow.... Ask and you shall receive. Thank you...
  7. Frozen Herring Hi All - New to this site. I used to live in MI and fished Lake Huron and MI pretty much every weekend from May to November. I moved for work and was forced to get out of the salmon gig. Moved a second time for work and now I'm within 3 hours of Lake O, living in NE PA. In MI one of my most productive rigs was cut bait using Green Label Herring. When I left the scene, Green Label was getting hard to find. After looking online for the past few days, it appears that it still is. I plan to fish southern Lake O from Buffalo to Rochester this year. Can a person find Green Label through that area, or any other kind for that matter? Can I get it shipped to me frozen? Any help is appreciated.
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