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  1. Here's a pic at Taughannock from thu morning. Kinda makes sense, 1 maybe 2 boats at a time with a dock to yourself for social distancing. They could do the same at Deans and Treman I would think. Checked this morning (sat) and the barricade is removed and there are 2 signs on the dock posts stating all launches are closed as of a certain time on 4/17.20200416_103436.jpeg

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  2. I just watched while they were in Montour. The first sampling had 12 fish, 5 were clipped, most were hard females. The fish had alot of lamprey marks, but the biologist said it was way better than last year. He said most of the fish were further upstream and thats what i heard from talking to some other people there. The creek was 42 degrees. There were some 6 and 7 pounders with an 8+ pound spent female too.20200309_105036.jpeg20200309_105442.jpeg20200309_104112.jpeg

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  3. Have a Starweld 1800 Pro that I am setting up for trout and salmon. Looking at either Cannon Mag 10s or Big Jon tourney pros for riggers. Will eventually get a planer board mast, but am having a hard time finding a mast that I can get an adapter for that would use the pedestal socket in the bow. (Swivl-Eze 238) Will be using a track system for riggers and rod holders, but have not decided on what brand. May depend on rigger I go with. I will be fishing primarily Cayuga and Seneca lakes, with occasional spring and fall trips to Sodus and Oswego.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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