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  1. Dear People.. Thank you so much for your concern and suggestions. Not many of these situations have a happy ending. I am really pleased to tell you that I got my boat and trailer back over the weekend and the story is bizarre. The important thing is that it was picked up in the perfect condition that it had been left with the Storage owner. I involved the NYS Troopers and an Insurance investigator. I was very lucky this time and will be extremely cautious going forward. Great to be involved with this organization and look forward to browsing future topics. Best of luck on the water !
  2. Dear LOU Members.. My name is Dan McConnell and I just became a member as I was not aware of the organization. Fortunately a friend and fellow Striper Member informed me of the site. Mid-May my boat and trailer were stolen from a storage area in Vienna, NY near Sylvan Beach. I am trying frantically to recover the boat as I love the boat and is invaluable. If you see this boat please contact me on my cell phone @ 716-345-6759. I appreciate your consideration. I have not included the serial #s but if anyone is interested I will provide them. The attachment is an Ad and picture that I am running this coming week in the Queen Central News in Camden, NY. Thank you for your consideration and interest. Best regards, Dan SeaSwirl Reward Ad 6-8-16.pdf
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