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  1. They have calculations for mileage /gas rates that you should use. It may be on the website or you can call and talk to someone. I know for us at LOC when we donate derby passes we are not able to write anything off because they do not recognize an event pass as having any value so we are unable to claim anything for tax purposes. Any donation we make is just a donation and we do not get any tax credit for it. The laws are sometimes complex so it would be a good idea to just call and speak to someone to make sure you file it correctly. Good luck!

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  2. Hey guys and gals-the summer derby is underway! Hope you get a chance to get out on the water this weekend. Just wanted to let you know if you have a question regarding registration or a weigh in please contact us at the office. We are on the phones or on the road more than I am on the LOU/Facebook site so for time sensitive questions please just give us a buzz at 315-333-5213, we are always happy to help! Good luck out there, win big!



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  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I think this Spring was particularly challenging for everyone and we are always working really hard to make things as good as possible for as many people as possible. I'll pass your suggestions along to Dave!

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  4. Good morning-just wanted to address your comment head on. I see why you have this opinion and certainly respect that you feel this way. The logistics of postponing an event of this size are a bit more complicated than a simple push back of dates. We have participants that plan trips well in advance with vacation time taken off from work, reservations made, etc. We partner with a number of locations who act as weigh stations and registration outlets and for the most part they are all fully operational with the exception of one. For these seasonal businesses they rely heavily on a short period of in-season time to keep their businesses running and they wanted this event to proceed as planned as it is an important factor in driving business their way. We certainly understand the gravity of the situation; Dave and I communicate constantly about the conditions and he is on the road every day visiting with our partners. We care deeply about the businesses on the lake and we take our relationships with these families very seriously. My dad has known many of these people for years and he would never do anything to jeopardize the success of their businesses. With all that being said, we have seen some great fishing on the lake and our participants have been able to fish safely and with a lot of success. We can't control the weather but we are monitoring the situation closely. This is a new challenge for many of us and we are doing our best to manage things in a way that allows our partners to be successful and ensures our participants stay safe and have fun.

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  5. Sarah,
    I had some out of state fisherman sign up for the spring LOC derby online. They paid online and were given a confirmation #, but were never asked to fill out their names or other info ? How does this work ?
    Thanks in advance

    I think my first attempt at a response failed so sorry if this posts twice but when they registered online they would have filled out their name, contact info and payment information. The confirmation/invoice number they receive via email is their registration number, what they will use to weigh in their fish. Have them call the office to confirm their status-it's a quick look up for up for Sandy in the office at 315-333-5213.

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  6. The invoice number they received when they signed up online is their registration number that they will use for weigh in. They would have filled out their name and contact info along with payment info when they signed up online as part of the registration process. If they are still unsure have them call the office at 315-333-5213!

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  7. Thanks for the post Sarah,
    Please keep constant updates on here.
    I am signing up at a new weigh station this year---Bald Eagle Marina Between Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard. I saw your DOCKSIDE weigh station set up there-Very nice. Gonna be very nice for the Sandy creek guy's to weigh in this year.

    You can also follow us on Facebook. I'm going to try to do video and/or go live while we are on the road this year so we can keep everyone up to date as much as possible!

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    Hi All! Just wanted to re-post what we just put on our FB page:

    Hi Anglers!

    The Spring LOC Derby starts on Friday and we are ready to roll! The fish are biting and we are excited to kick off the 2017 season with all of you. I do want to take a moment to address the water level as it is certainly something I have been monitoring closely. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OUR WEIGH STATIONS AND REGISTRATION LOCATIONS ARE OPEN.

    I do want to remind you all to please be careful as there is the possibility you will encounter some floating debris. Also, give yourself some extra time in getting in as there is a 5mph speed limit in the bays. There is a no wake order within 500' of shore but THIS DOES NOT EFFECT TROLLING ALONG THE SHORELINE.

    Chris Kenyon went fishing out of Sodus Bay this past weekend and sent us this report: "Browns at first light, east of the Sodus Bay channel. That was the starting point of a trip last Saturday, April 29th. After boxing some nice browns, we headed for 120 fow, straight out from Sodus. Riggers, planer boards and dipseys was the routine. A large lake trout hit 100 feet down over 140 fow. A small Atlantic salmon was released and another brown hit a stickbait off the boards. The catch of the day would be the bright-shiny Coho, which tried to gobble a black and silver Rapala. It was a jumbo Coho for a springtime fish.
    Are Wayne County fish on the bite? Yes, they are; after a half-day on the water…never leaving the Sodus area of Lake Ontario…this adventure put eight fish in the box."

    Pictured: Ben Freeman, 12 year old from Liverpool, fishing aboard Fishin’ Magician, with Captain Ryan Williamson…home port Sodus Bay.

    See you on the lake this weekend!

    -Dave Chilson, LOC President


  9. Good morning! A big thanks to all of our participants this season. 2016 was a great year and we are already looking ahead to 2017! You can check out the final leaderboard for the fall derby at http://loc.org/uploads/116_Fall_Leaderboard.pdf

    Dates for the 2017 derby are as follows:
    Spring: May 5-14
    Summer: June 30- July 30
    Fall: August 18- September 5

    As always, let me know if you have any questions and congratulations to all of our winners.


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  10. There are a lot of reasons we have day of weigh ins, many I mentioned above. Daily prizes would be impossible to manage fairly. We don't want weigh stations open for all hours; it is an unreasonable burden on the families that own and operate them. We want people to fish safely; I don't think people should really be out on the water at 11pm or 2am for our derby. We are a family friendly event and safety important to us, we don't want to encourage unsafe fishing practices with endless hours of weigh ins. No prize amount is worth risking your safety. I know we won't please everyone and I know we can't accommodate all of the variations in individual schedules. I do appreciate the feedback though, it makes us think about why we do what we do and in some cases it could certainly result in changes that would benefit our participants. In this case, for now, we will be sticking to the current rules but I hope I have been able to give you some insight into how we came to that conclusion. Have a great day out there!

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