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  1. I am selling my FISH HAWK X4 complete system because I moved to Texas  about 1 year and 9 months ago. I just don't need it down here in the Gulf, or Bay Systems.  I want to use the money towards a spot lock trolling motor which will be more useful here. I used this unit extensively on Lake Ontario and Erie for about 3 seasons. I bought the system new. It's about 4 years old, so it does not have the bluetooth. You will have to extend the power cable, it is about a foot long. EASY: just splice on a power  (Red wire)  and ground wire (black wire).  Also, the Transducer cable was spliced by me, a Professional Avionics Technician  (Currently FAA Safety Inspector)  for 37 years, so it was done right.  I had the Display mounted on the back of the boat, near the downriggers, so the transducer cable will not reach to the front of a boat. It made more sense to have it back there where you are watching the Rods to fire. I can't find the manual but I'm sure they are available online.  Price is $400 firm, plus shipping. Pay by Paypal or Cash App before I ship. Garry Mitcham, Stockdale TX. 716-481-9875.  text or call. or email me at [email protected]

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  2. We're you Vaccinated? Check this site. www.lc.org/Vaccine.

    Lots of adverse reactions and problems are happening to people. It might explain it.

    On Thursday I was seconds away from death. Got your attention?  I will preface this story by stating I am a fit adult with no underlying medical conditions and I have been using a climbing treestand for 36 years.  Hunting a state land tract Thursday afternoon I had an interesting start to my day. As I was hauling up my bow and backpack up the tree I developed a severe cramp in my right pectoral muscle. Unlike most cramps that you can stretch and massage the pain away, I found I was not able to do so. I tried moving my arm and shoulder but the lancing pain continued. I also noticed that in my haste to get up the tree, I had neglected to put the safety rope around the tree and clip in my harness. “Crap”, I thought, “am I having a medical emergency “?  My next thought was I need to get clipped in fast!  I struggled with the pain while trying to get the rope around the tree. I started to get a little nauseous and tunnel vision started. I told my self not go out as the black shroud started to descend on me. I sucked in air like jet pilots do when pulling heavy g-force turns to prevent passing out and I was just able to stay awake long enough to secure my harness clip, kneel down on the platform, hug the tree, and tell myself “no matter what, just hang on”. I passed out almost the instant I hugged the tree. When I came to, I was squatting at the end of the platform, leaning against the harness tether still hanging on with both hands on the platform wires. I don’t know how I slid all the way down to that position or how long I was out for. I knew where I was and what had happened. My scalp (shaved head) was frozen because I don’t put my hat on initially to reduce sweating, but the rest of my body was super sweaty. Amazingly enough, my $1,000 bow set up and back pack remained leaning up against the tree on the seat. When I hugged the tree before going out I was hugging/pressing the bow and pack between my chest and tree. How I slid off the tree without knocking down my gear is a mystery. Given how cold my scalp felt, I think I was out maybe 10 -15 minutes??  I got lucky!!!!  The takeaway should be ALWAYS make sure you are clipped in at all times. Bad things can happen in an instant. Tests were negative for heart attack with the most likely diagnosis of stress/pain induced vaso/vagal syncope or …. I had an ouchy and I fainted. Stay safe out there folks!

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  3. How do the seeds fall through the standing buckwheat and reach the ground? Seems like many or most of the seeds would not reach the ground but be caught in the leaves and stalks of the buckwheat.

    Alright, big n beasty was seeded into both plots tonight along with 250 lbs of triple 15. Buckwheat smashed over top of it and it looks so cool! I will get pics tomorrow. 70% chance of rain (in Brockport) tonight so it should be perfect. 
    I will up front make a disclaimer that I had the seed setting on my spreader way too open for my longer narrower food plot. So if it comes out as weird thick strips, that will be totally user error. I may hit over the top with a generic brassica mix to make up for it.  Either way, that plot will almost certainly be getting 100lbs of winter rye come Labor Day. 
    last thought, holy cow does that buckwheat hold mosisture. My legs were getting wet just when I was breaking it walking through it seeding. 

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  4. I lost my Dad, October 12 due to Covid and the Hospital protocols. He was my hunting buddy for 45 years. He was the finest rifle shot I have ever known. Through those years I chased hundreds of deer out to him, in Pennsylvania. He was an expert at hitting running deer, and I can only think of several times he missed over 45 years. More than that, he was a very fine man and friends to so many. He was 84 and still active. He taught me how to hunt. He taught me how to live and treat others. If your Dad and Mom are still living, don't take it for granted. Visit often. Call often. Sincerely, Garry Mitcham of Clarence NY. IMG_20211018_135717981.thumb.jpeg.9d6e086373b9a245dd096c54f78d785c.jpeg

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  5. For deer, if you want a short bolt action, .243. very little recoil and deadly. My 10 year old nephew got 3 deer last year, with a single shot 243. I've killed dozens with mine. If you want a long action bolt, or plan to go out west, get .270, or a .280. I have a 280 and it's a tremendous cartridge. If want a lever action, get a 30/30 in a Marlin, but lever guns are expensive now. If you want a pump they are available in a variety of calibers. Bullet selection is important no matter what, but today there are many good bullets in most calibers.

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  6. Absolutely agree! Plastic Stocks have no character and don't belong on a rifle! I live wood sticks, and have both wood and plastic. Wood is much nicer to carry, and no problem with warping.

    hunted all my life and never a issue with a wood stock and i do hunt i all weather conditions .wood has a much better feel to it no so cheap feeling ,less recoil and is quit in woods .synthetic is very loud if a sapling or any thing else bumps  it .

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  7. Like some have said, there is no good brush gun. The best way to get through brush, on a standing deer, is to thread the needle through a hole in the brush which can only be done with a MOA capable scoped rifle. A 45/70 is just up from a 12 ga slug gun as far as range. They do less meat damage than a high velocity .243, or .270, and the .243 will ruin more meat than the .270. But, they are neat guns, and certainly nice to have in any collection, but don't get pie in the sky hopes up for performance.

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  8. REDUCED PRICE. I am selling two of the four downriggers that came on my boat. Moving to Texas, and don't need them. Both worked when I bought the boat a few years ago. They have been stored inside ever since, because I only wanted two riggers on my boat. One has a broken toggle switch lever, and the swivel base plunger is cracked. See pics. Price is as follows: $150 for both, including bases. OR SEPARATELY: $50 for the rigger with the broken toggle switch and broken swivel base plunger. $100 for the one with good switch and base. These don't have auto stop. PLEASE CALL, because I'm not getting the messages. seven one six four eight one nine eight seven five. ...... Garry

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