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  1. What weight jig head are you using for the ned rigs? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have read the term "junk lines" in multiple posts. Since there is no definition section on LOU, will someone please explain what you mean by "junk lines"?
  3. Thanks everyone. Sk8man, I hope to be back next summer and I will take you up on your offer. I have many questions. My son says that brownie looks pregnant!
  4. My wife booked the family a short vacation at Canandaigua. Although it wasn't going to be a fishing vacation, we still needed to bring the 16 foot Smokercraft so we could pass some time.😄 I started researching Canandaigua fishing and was led to LOU. After days of reading LOU, I decided the fishing wasn't going to be very good. I normally fish bass and walleye and they didn't look promising. Five days before we left I decided I was going to attempt to troll for trout so I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to cabelas and purchased a depthmaster trolling combo, 300 yds of 30lb fire line, 30lb Big Game for backing, 15 lb fluorocarbon leader, Lurk Disco diver size 5, and a Dreamweaver Holo Monkey Puke spoon. I purchased Tite Lok rod holders but I couldn't find a way to mount them on my boat so that they would be horizontal to the water. The first morning I went out, I had no luck even though I marked a few fish around bait. The fish were at 65 ft so I had 100 Ft of line out. The second and last time I was out I found a huge cluster of what I assumed was bait surrounded by fish at any where from 70 to 80 feet over 110 feet of water. The first pass produced nothing so I decided to let more line out to 165 feet and increase my speed to 2.2 mph. As soon as I went over the spot I had marked, I had one on. It turned out to be a 22" Laker but if you would have seen my excitement you would have thought I caught the Holy Grail! The recreational boaters started in full force and the fish disappeared but my trip was already a success. Most of you would consider that two poor days of fishing but I couldn't be happier. Thank you to all who post on here so I could learn enough to give trolling a try. I didn't see anyone else trolling and I'm glad. They would of had a laugh watching me troll with my hand held one rod spread. I didn't use my Scotty rod holder because I thought it would break. Sorry for the long post but I just arrived home yesterday and I'm still pretty excited!
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