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  1. I know a marine radios a good idea out there as well as good fishfinder/gps unit is the radar required? What else do you guys not leave without obviously the legal stuff pfds flashlights extinguisher whistle.
  2. Ya I like the looks of the starcraft islander I think the 19' 3.0 would be all I need and cost effiecient with fuel to run light to tow with truck. I would definetly take someone and give it a real good look over before purchasing one hate to end up with a huge headache right away fixing everything they cost money no matter what gotta pay to play but defibtl ywouldnt wanna get into motor problems and bad gears.
  3. Thanks I have been told there not powerhouses but the 3.0 shouldnt be underpowered on that light boat? I likely wouldnt fish in bad bad waves anyway certainly not till i get some experience how bad is too bad for most of you I guess it varies depending on experience your own comfort and the rig you own. Also told they were a lil rougher on you being a light aluminum boat but heard mostly good things for them for trolling setups
  4. What do you guys think of the starcraft islander 191 v 3.0 for lake O amd quinte trolling?
  5. Hey Guys new to forum seemes like the right one to join for Lake O. Well first off I am considering getting into Lake O Trolling for salmon and trout done all kinds of other fishing throughout my life but never any rigger or board fishing some dipsy diver fishing. Boat I am considering on buying will be a 91-95 starcraft islander 19' with the 3.0 likely at this point will not be this season. Whats your opinions on this rig for lake O I would still wanna use it on the bay of quinte as well. What are some things to know and have on board the boat besides the legal requirments how much waves too much for this boat and where do you guys look for weather and wave reports before heading out? Not looking for anyones spots or anything just general what to have what to look out for etc on big water.
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