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  1. Im moving so everything must go. $300 will take everything. Pickup only. http://buffalo.craigslist.org/spo/5858476930.html
  2. I had a couple people say they wanted everything, I'd like to get rid of it as a whole so I'm not left trying to get rid of stuff within the next 2 weeks before I move.
  3. Alright so that guy never showed up so everything is still for sale. First $300 takes it all
  4. I have a guy that's wants to buy everything as a package, so as of now it's sold unless he backs out.
  5. I am selling all my gear, attached is the link to my craigslist ad. http://buffalo.craigslist.org/spo/5858476930.html
  6. The otter boats, spoons, and 4 of the rods are gone. I have 4 rods left, flies, 2 flashers, downrigger releases, meat rigs.
  7. There's supposed to be a guy coming Saturday for the spoons. Sorry, I've had like 15 people messaging me about stuff.
  8. If you want to send me a check, I can mail the stuff. I just don't have paypal
  9. Sorry for the guys that wanted to pay with paypal, but I have to do pick up only now. My bank (First Niagara) apparently sold out and transferred my account to a different bank, so my paypal is all messed up. Everything will be for pick up if interested.
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