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  1. Oops, I just found the flashers, errr, dodgers. 23 various USED 8". $30 shipped to you. But this is a one day offer as I must pack them tomorrow. Side one side two
  2. All reels except #4 are SOLD. Ok, today and tomorrow are the last two days for this sale. I have to move it on Tuesday. OFFER me what these items are worth to you and pay SHIPPING. Pay via PAYPAL I have twelve 8 pound down rigger ball WEIGHTS that I can ship via flat rate shipping as I am not local. Reels from my RODS & REELS post. (see specifics there please) Will sell reels and rods separate of each other. Everything is used. *I've had questions about wire. Note that #13 does have wire on it. I still have 4 Penn 209's too. My other posts: JIGS & FLATFISH (150 jigs and 24 flatfish) J-PLUGS & more (all the J-plugs have sold but there are Squids, Hooch's, Tgy-r-flies) RODS & REELS (Shown here but specifics are there) Les Davis FLEX-I-TROLL - SEVENTY zip lock bags of Cowbells, Oddballs, etc. Some are unused. TROLLING GEAR - NEW Oddballs and Cowbells, and 5 schoolies Walker DOWNRIGGERS - (Strike Vision & Temp Pak) I'll accept reasonable offers and you pay shipping. I'll be out much of Sunday but will get back to you later in the day. I hope you can get some stuff that works for you. Thanks again for your support.
  3. Well, the time has come. Sadly, I have to get rid of a bunch of fishing stuff by next Weds, Sept 21. Most of it is USED. I hope you guys are interested and it goes to good homes. At this point just PM me and MAKE AN OFFER and pay the shipping. I prefer PAYPAL. Group 1 - 9 Sutton & 3 Miller used, both sides shown. SOLD Group 2 - 11 used Group 3 - 10 used Group 4 - 18 used Group 5 - 15 used There are 5 SUTTONs in this group. The photo of just those is the 3rd one here. Group 6 - NEW Rudders 2 Magnum Plano 2-sided tackle boxes as shown. SOLD About 12' wide. 1 is practically new and the other is well used and a little beat up. 1 smaller two-sided box, about 11"wide 2 Magnum by Plano 1-sided boxes, about 14" wide 2 more larger 2-sided boxes: 1 Fenwick & 1 Plano (with or without contents!) ** I also have several down rigger ball weights. I think they are 8.5 lbs each. I think I can use flat rate shipping boxes to send them so let me know if you want any!!! Look at my previous gear posts and make me an offer on any of it. JIGS & FLATFISH J-PLUGS & more RODS & REELS Les Davis FLEX-I-TROLL TROLLING GEAR Walker DOWNRIGGERS Many thanks.
  4. It looks like I have about 150 mostly used jigs and 24 flatfish as pictured below. Make me an offer. Paypal preferred. I also have about 24 used Flatfish here. -AVAILABLE (Payment not received)
  5. Sorry, I've been real busy and not around computer much. Am updating the info above as to what is sold. Thanks again for your patience and interest.
  6. All reels except Eagle Claw are SOLD. Below is my listing of rod/reels, plus just rods and just reels. I have the following USED rod/reel combos. I was wanting to keep them together but since they will need to be shipped separately, I could also sell them separately – instead of as a combo. However, the best deal for shipping would be if you buy at least 2 reels or 2 rods so keep that in mind. Again, all gear is USED. Will be glad to post photos for interested parties and may even add them here but it’s hard to photograph fishing rods. You can PM me. Tell me what all you want and make a reasonable OFFER PAYPALis the best payment for me. I have these that are currently as combos: 1 – Shakespeare Ugly Stick SPL 1100 6’6†1.98 m Medium action 6-15 lb Sigma with Daiwa SG27LC reel with automatic engaging clutch Refer to RR#1 * This one may be spoken for. 1- Shakespeare Wonderod Genuine (Carboloy #SS-595 8’ ECG) with Penn 704 Spinfisher reel Refer to RR#2 1- unknown that I think is bamboo with cork handle, with Penn 704 Spinfisher reel Refer to RR#3 3 - St Croix 1001’s NW 7’6†with Daiwa 47LC reels (Sealine Great Lakes, line counter high speed 5.1:1) Refer to RR#5, #6, #14 2 – St Croix 1001’s 7’6†(one is NW and the other is NWR) with Penn 210 reels Refer to RR#11, #12 1 – St Croix 1001 NW 7’6†with Penn 209 reel Refer to RR#13 1- St Croix 1001 NW 7’6†with Penn 320 GTi Graphite reel Refer to #RR15 1 – Berkley Cherry Wood Series, Graphite Composite with Daiwa SG27LC reels with automatic engaging clutch Refer to RR#8 1 - ??? rod Eagle Claw 8130 Grey Eagle reel Refer to RR#4 I also have 4 used Penn 209 reels. More used rods: Rod #1 – St Croix 1001 NWR 7’6†Rod #2 - ?? Rod #3 - Shakespeare Wonderod 8’8†Rod #5 – Great Land Fishing GL60 N-12 6’6†medium action graphite Rod #6 – Daiwa Apollo 1012 graphite composite medium action Rod #8 – Berkley Cherry Wood Series Rod #11 – Kwikstix Competitor 1345 6.5 spinning rod medium action Make me an offer! I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. I am posting the rods and reels on a different post called RODS & REELS. So please take a look there. Thanks!
  8. I have gotten quite a few PM replies and inquiries about this gear. I have decided it will be easier to post the rods and reels which I will do within a couple hours. Then you'll know what I have. I also will reply to each PM. Thanks for your interest and patience. And, no, I am not local so will need to ship stuff. Again, thanks.
  9. I have 12 boxes of USED J-plugs PLUS other gear (scroll down the page!) for sale. I need to get this out of my house and hope they go to good homes. The more you buy, they more I will work with you on shipping. Feel free to private message me and make an offer - especially if you want a lot. But be sure to be specific about which items you are referring to. Let me know if you need more photos. PAYPAL preferred. Sales are final. Contact me via PM and MAKE ME AN OFFER! ALL 12 boxes of USED J-Plugs are SOLD! I have two large 2-sided tackle boxes - approximately 12" x 14" x 5". -SOLD 18 Coho Tyg-R-Fly - various colors $40 takes all and includes shipping. 8 Martin Salmon Squid in original packages. $20 for all 8, shipped to you. Spin-N-Glos - SOLD Make an offer on these boxes - A through i. Box A Hoochie's Box B [ Box C I have a lot of squids if you are interested. Box D Box E Box F Box G Squids Box H Box i another photo of lower section Last but not least, If you're looking for used rods & reels, I have those as well so drop me a PM about them if you're interested. Many thanks for looking. If you think my pricing is off, please make a reasonable offer. *** Due to many inquiries, I am posting the rods and reels on a different post called RODS & REELS. So please take a look there. Thanks!
  10. I have about SEVENTY zip lock bags (like the four shown below) with various individual Flex-i-troll products like ODDBALLS and COWBELLS and Bolos of various sizes, lengths, blades and colors. Most are USED. I really don't want to list them individually. So I'd like to handle this like a grab bag. You tell me what group(s) I should take them from and I'll get them in the mail ASAP. MAKE ME AN OFFER! 10 Super Giant: 3 blade and 4 blade 15 Giant: 3, 4 and 5 blade 17 Standard Cowbell - 4 blade 07 Baby Cowbell - 4 blade 04 Small 02 Bolo #3 04 Bolo #4 04 Standard Main Train Also have: 2 silver colored in photo below 2 small in photo below and some others. Note almost all are USED. Some have rubber snubbers (as you can see in 2 photos) which may not be in great condition. I do have unopened packages of rubber snubbers I can throw in but they are also old so I'm not sure of their condition.
  11. Anyone want to make me a reasonable offer on these 4 reels?
  12. I have a variety of trolling gear for sale so please scroll through the groups and see what you want. I'd like to keep them together in the groups as I have them. I will entertain reasonable offers. Note that all sales are final. Paypal preferred. The first two groups are Les Davis Flex-i-Troll items. Group #1: FIFTEEN Les Davis ODDBALL Flex-i-Trolls. Size 2, Ball Hammered Brass/Nickel These are unopened, in original packaging. #3600-002-010 As per the photo, 150 Lb. test, stainless steel, airplane cable & they have red beads, silver rudder and I believe the length is 36". Within the US, I will ship all 15 to you for $80. Group #2: Les Davis Cowbells: 2 Standard and 6 Giant all 8 are "Green Rainbow" In original, unopened packages. Standard #3700, Giant #3720 Within the US, I will ship all 8 to you for $85. Group #3: Group #4: FIVE Schoolies - Used The first photo is all 5 with 3 bound up in the center. The second photo is those 3 opened up. $50 shipped.
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