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  1. i would like to say thank you to motoman, and jeremy, for there posts, i just joined this site, someone from glangler recommended it to me, and i figured i would get ignored. but that wasn't the case. i'm impressed and thank you very much. happyhooker4
  2. that makes me feel a bit better about the situation, i will be driving about 500 miles to come and fish, any other recommendations on the salmon fishing at this time of year, also is hard to get cut herring this time of year, i guess what i'm saying is should i order some before i come up
  3. thank you for the info, appriciate it
  4. happyhooker4

    oak orchard

    i salmon fish the oak but have never walleye fished it, is it any good and what the heck do i start, i fish lake erie alot, but never lake o for walleye, have a trip scheduled for sept, 15 to the 19th, for salmon but looking for a back up plan, any help would be greatly appriciated, thanks happyhooker4
  5. i normally fish the oak late summer to labor day weekend, but this year i wont be able to come up until sept, 15 to the 19th, i was wondering if this is a waste of time or not any info would be greatly appriciated, i know the staging kings will be hard to get but i still want to fish, also is there any good walleye fishing in the area . thanks happyhooker4
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