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  1. I have 11 Yakima Bait Mag Lip lures and one new Plano 3700 organizer box for sale. I purchased all of these lures one year ago, not realizing that they all contain a rattle. I do not want the rattle. The only lure that has been in the water is the Metallic Silver Blue Pirate and that was trolled in the water for about one hour. All of the other lures have never been in the water. The following is a list of the included lures and storage box. All shipped free Priority Mail USPS. 1-Mag Lip (Feeder 5.0) 1-Mag Lip (Feeder 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Metallic Rainbow Trout 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Double Trouble CHR Orange 4.5) 1-Mag Lip (Keeper 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Metallic Silver Blue Pirate 3.0) 1-Mag Lip (Metallic Silver/Red Herringbone 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Mad Clown 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Grinch 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Wonderbread 3.5) 1-Mag Lip (Good Ol’ Boy 3.5) 1-Plano 3700 Organizer Shipped free Priority Mail USPS
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