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  1. the trigger coil is ok, i tested it with a multimeter
  2. Ok, i pulled the flywheel off and found bad news - really BAD news. the plate that all the components under the flywheel are bolted to was loose on its pivot and caused all the components to knock against the spinning flywheel which made horrible wear marks on the tough steel magnets on the fly wheel and all the components. the stator turned out to be independent of the ignition system, only used to charge/maintain the battery. there was a smaller coil (i think it is the trigger) and the power pack with a hole in the side, most likely worn out by the flywheel, with a metal thingy in it. the hole looked like a groove or something. what should i replace? the stator and rectifier are separate from the ignition system and seem to be ok. the trigger is also ok. should i get a new plate or power pack. Or is it already not worth bugging this thing if a new power pack is 200$?
  3. thanks Garry. that website is very helpfull. i just have to get at the proper tools for testing it. here is a video of the engine
  4. how do i test the stator?
  5. had a techie in today, he said it was not the carb, plus i had the carb apart and all the jets cleaned. the spark plugs are wet after running. it is not the carb, but an ignition problem. the compression as had mentioned before was 100 psi on both cylinders. the spark is most likely breaking down.
  6. took it to the techie, he said it was the coil. replaced the coil with no progress. took apart and cleaned the carb and that did not help. used seafoam, but that did not help. turned the carb adjustment screw, even at smoking rich or any other setting it did not run. inspected the wiring for shorts with a multi meter, all wires are OK. now what do I do? the timing is not adjustable so it could not get messed up. on one cylinder connected the other disconnected it works OK at all speeds, two cylinders not OK. on the other cylinder separate it doesn't even try to start. HELP i can post a video later on.
  7. dissconnected one plug and started the engine. it ran. did the same with the other but it would not run. ignition coil?
  8. yes the screw was epoxied over. It was not worn, and the carb was quite clear. that was the only screw in that carb. when I last ran the engine, I tried to run high speed while pushing on the primer bulb hard with my foot. It did not help a bit. the primer bulb will pump fuel and develop pressure.
  9. the fuel lines are clean
  10. when i pull the primer, i see the fuel spray.
  11. the fuel tank was vented. i just took apart the carb and sprayed it with carb cleaner aka crud buster, though it was very clean and nothing was clogged. there is only one screw, is it the idle or high speed? the gaskets were all good
  12. I have a 1989 johnsonn 20 outboard that pisses me off for the last two weeks. This motor has been sitting for 3 years without running. A few weeks ago we decided to give it a spin. We used the old fuel that was almost as old as the motor had been sitting, 3 years. We went to lake simcoe, and after some time we managed to launch the boat. After that it was some trouble and time before we got er going. It would idle so slow that it would quit. It ran ok otherwise. Next day I made new fuel and went to lake simcoe again. This time it would idle properly and ran very well. Ok, now that its going well we took it to moon river to go camping. Started as before, lots of cranking. Idled well, but when I went past 1/4 power, it would cut in and out as if it tried to jump off the boat. It sounded like it was turning on and off. anyway, the campsite was not far from the marina so we got there somehow. sometimes i could run full power for a minute or soThen i noticed that a screw was filled over with silicone and the silicone came off. so i put tape over the screw and it ran very well at full power. when i came home, replaced the tape with epoxy. I thought that was the fix. I was mistaking . same symptoms as before . tried carb cleaner with no luck. before at times i could run full power but now i cant. HELP ME PLEASE BEFORE I GET SO MAD I BUY A NEW ENGINE
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