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  1. Fishin for compliments

    Best fish/fishing techniques for late May

    Thank you gents! Time to scope out some of those spots on the gps.
  2. Fishin for compliments

    Best fish/fishing techniques for late May

    Best fish/fishing techniques for late May Hello all, new to the forum and new to lake Ontario. Every year me, my father, and my uncle go on a fishing trip which has traditionally been to the connecticut lakes in New Hampshire until last year when we decided to try lake Ontario....after a few 20lb lake trout we're hooked! We're heading back this year in late May for a week, and I was wondering which species is the best to target around then. I know last year the water temps were warm in May so we targeted mostly lakers around 100ft. We used flashers off of the downriggers wirh peanuts about 15ft behind (thank you Fat Nancy's for the tip) and it worked great but all we caught were lakers. We'd love to catch kings or browns but don't know if we need different tackle or techniques. Also, we hear the browns are shallow if it's cold enough but don't know where on the lake to head. We stay on sandy pond and head out from there. Any helps/ tips would be appreciated!