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  1. HTFDan

    ice fishing in toronto

    Probably dude. That guy is ****ed. Heard he's got a boat that can rip through 20 inches of ice
  2. Bass Fishing w/ Fantik Baits!
  3. HTFDan

    Parry Sound Fishing

    Parry Sound Fishing
  4. HTFDan

    Bass Heaven Pt.2

    Bass Heaven Pt.2
  5. HTFDan

    More Markham Carp

    More Markham Carp https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=AckNg6XJ-nw
  6. HTFDan

    Largemouth Heaven

    Largemouth Heaven
  7. Little Fishing Rod/Reel Giveaway!
  8. HTFDan

    Monster Smallmouth

    Monster Smallmouths great weekend
  9. Carp and Sucker on The Rouge
  10. Rainbow Trout in Duffins ( Underwater footage) was a blast.