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  1. 21 hours ago, Helter Skelter said:


    You are correct. The previous leader managed to kill a century worth of good will. 


    Canadian's don't look at the Americans as partners or friends any longer. 


    I'm not sure how many decades it will take to fix that (or if it ever will be fixed). 

    45 had nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with the border being closed. It's because of C19 and a Global elitist named Trudeau who is punishing the entire outdoor industry in CA. You must be totally ignorant concerning politics. Study up and grow up.

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  2. 6 hours ago, garrymny said:

    Struggling again. It's not been a good year for me. Started out in 200 FOW, Trolled North. My two guests got sick immediately, so I had to take back in at 0730. First time on a boat. They should have taken the dramamine the night before. I caught one nice Coho on a 200 copper on a FF with 42nd SD in about 180 FOW just before I took them back to ramp. Went back out after dropping the sick ones at the dock. Went to about 200 FOW, nothing. Went to 305 FOW, nothing. Then it got rough. They missed the forecast.
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    I fish out of Wilson but it should be pretty close to the same out of Olcott. Head out to 70fow and start trolling. I have started with a West troll which is down current running mostly green spoons at 2.5 GPS speed, adjusting speed according to the bend in the diver poles and the angle of the downrigger cables. Troll in a zigzag pattern between 80fof and 125fow looking for bait and fish marks. They pretty much always there.  My typical program is two riggers with free sliders and four DD set on 1.5 and 3.0. I set them back to fish over and under the temp break. You should see fish, bait and fleas that look like they're plastered against it. You will see big marks on the bottom which I figure are big Lakers or big Kings so I will drop a meat rig down there. Has worked sometimes but not always for me. If those fish are uncooperative I troll out to 200fow to 230fow. You may catch a ghost fish on your way and if you do mark the spot and work it a bit. The fish may only bite if you troll in the same direction. And the same goes if your getting marks and no bites change direction and go back through. This is just fishing 101 but it has worked well for us. The last day I fished was this past Thursday and we went 9/13 mostly teenage Kings a nice cohos and three very nice steelhead. Lost some screamers. Tight lines friend.

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  3. 2 hours ago, cabezon99 said:

    Nice report, only pattern I found was when I was near 350 FOW the fish were biting.  Was out for a few hours west of Wilson Sunday afternoon, did not mark any bait.  1, king, 1 coho and 2 nice steelhead, lost 3.  Copper seemed to be the biggest producer.  All spoons, orange crush, purple DW (dont recall name) and NBK.  Speed at ball around 2.1, temp varied in the low 40's at 70 ft down, spread between 30 and 70 ft down.

    For us the mid day bite was best. Thought Saturday chop helped but as you know it was slick calm Sunday and it didn't bother the fish. By the way I troll as close to 2.5 as possible and watch my rigger cables as I don't have a fish hawk. We tried 7c and 10c LC on inline boards since the riggers went firing but only caught one coho on the ten. Thanks For the info!

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  4. Was fishing Wilson Sat and Sun also. Had very good fishing both days. Found the 48° water to cold for our liking although there was lots of bait and some big marks in 80'. So we trolled out and found 52° in about 230'.  Soon had our first hookup and even though we didn't mark any fish or bait repeated north troll over the same mark resulted in a bite on almost pass. South troll did not work.  Landed five Kings up to 18# and lost several more. Also landed eight steelhead with a few being biguns and all trout were released. Also four very nice cohos. About 25 bites over both days. All were caught in 230fow both days in the same spot on mostly green spoons DWSS, Stinger. With the biggest Kings coming on meat rigs about 55' down. Mostly a wire diver bite as the riggers slept until Sunday, that's when the steelhead started pouncing on the one we left out down 75'. Hoping to be back this weekend. Great weather and good fishing and friendship. I am blessed.

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  5. On 5/21/2021 at 10:52 AM, laker1 said:

    Re Canadians , Americans and the Niagara Bar


    For KevinFarrell and Wargofam


    I am a Canadian. I like Americans! But I am not a Trudeau fan. I feel that our country was let down by the present government. We were warned that covid was coming and did not do very much until the scourge struck. Another case of management by crisis, too late and too little. We should be selling licences and cooperating any way we can with our (best!) American friends. Please accept my apology for any  difficulties encountered. Some day I would like to join you all at the Niagara Bar.




    I believe the Barr extends over into Canada.

  6. Not to butt in but I just fished our of Walnut yesterday and today for my first Erie trips of the year after fishing Lake Ontario for the last several weeks. Had to work for work for them in yesterdays big chop but we did get a three man limit. Today the lake started of much nicer but ended worse. The fishing was slow for us at the start but the NE wind kicked up around lunch and it got real rough but the fish turned on and it was another good day. If you fish there you may have to grind it out until they turn on. Some guys struggled to catch a fish. Lot of fish from little to large. Our biggest was 28" (1) and the smallest were several in the 7in. range .

    How has your Walleye Fishing been?

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  7. Coming up from Cleveland on 6/27 - 6/28. Any information out on Niagara Bar ??
    Also anyone know the status of Ft. Niagara launch ramps ??
    Have fished the past three weekends between Willson and the bar. Have been doing okay between 80 and 120. Lots of bait pods and what looks like smelt covering the bottom in many areas. Took one temp reading on my TD and got 45° down 55'. Most marks in that area although we caught some nice cohos on sliders up higher. Didn't fish long as the east winds had it roughed up Saturday morning and wired up 4 footers Sunday afternoon.0613201705_HDR.jpeg0614201153a_HDR.jpeg0613201649a_HDR.jpeg

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  8. Bunks, rollers are a problem putting in and I think there's a bit of a saftey issue when hauling. I have a 19ft. Ebtide with rollers and a 25ft Wellcraft with bunks. I prefer the bunks. I wanted to add that when loading with rollers and by yourself it may require you to keep the motor engaged or the boat will roll back off the trailer.

  9. I was in there today also. With the throngs of salmon aficionados rubbing shoulders on the river I decided to punt the fishing. While talking to the employees found out that they haven't collected Coho eggs yet as there tuned to ripen at cooler temperatures. And as many of you know natural reproduction accounts for about 50% of the fish population. And they've had about 150 Atlantic's come through the raceways this year. 

  10. Fishing with Wet Net

    Fished with Matt Yablonsky (Wet Net) today at the Bar. Boated a bunch of nice Kings and lost nearly as many. Highlights of the day were two big Atlantic's that acted like blue marlin going absolutely ballistic before freeing themselves. Best fighting fish in fresh water. Slowed later in the morning and then the wind blew us off the lake. Great day!



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