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  1. Not to butt in but I just fished our of Walnut yesterday and today for my first Erie trips of the year after fishing Lake Ontario for the last several weeks. Had to work for work for them in yesterdays big chop but we did get a three man limit. Today the lake started of much nicer but ended worse. The fishing was slow for us at the start but the NE wind kicked up around lunch and it got real rough but the fish turned on and it was another good day. If you fish there you may have to grind it out until they turn on. Some guys struggled to catch a fish. Lot of fish from little to large. Our biggest was 28" (1) and the smallest were several in the 7in. range . Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. LOL who do you think is going to enforce such stupidity Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Yes east of the bar same depth. 1/4 grown up Kings. One dandy steelhead and another nice one. Three nice coho several skipys and a few mystery bites. Been fishing the same marks since the week after Memorial Day. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Have fished the past three weekends between Willson and the bar. Have been doing okay between 80 and 120. Lots of bait pods and what looks like smelt covering the bottom in many areas. Took one temp reading on my TD and got 45° down 55'. Most marks in that area although we caught some nice cohos on sliders up higher. Didn't fish long as the east winds had it roughed up Saturday morning and wired up 4 footers Sunday afternoon. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I'll take them if they're still available.
  6. Not sure how Lake Michigan's biology is doing right now, but the lake produced some big fish last year including a couple 40# beasts.
  7. I'm of the opinion there may be too many walleye putting too much pressure on the bait. Screens like this were not unusual last year. Which was nice if you didn't want to troll. Kind of scary.lol
  8. I would contact the boat manufacturer.
  9. Bunks, rollers are a problem putting in and I think there's a bit of a saftey issue when hauling. I have a 19ft. Ebtide with rollers and a 25ft Wellcraft with bunks. I prefer the bunks. I wanted to add that when loading with rollers and by yourself it may require you to keep the motor engaged or the boat will roll back off the trailer.
  10. The Second Amendment was not designed to have a gun to hunt or target shoot with. It's there to help p
  11. I think it's a cultural thing as your are drifting further away from the good things in life. Broken homes and electronic gadgets have taken their toll. We can only hope there's a turnaround.
  12. I was in there today also. With the throngs of salmon aficionados rubbing shoulders on the river I decided to punt the fishing. While talking to the employees found out that they haven't collected Coho eggs yet as there tuned to ripen at cooler temperatures. And as many of you know natural reproduction accounts for about 50% of the fish population. And they've had about 150 Atlantic's come through the raceways this year.
  13. Vision Quest is slamming them this morning. Somwhere within the range of Wilson.
  14. Fishing with Wet Net Fished with Matt Yablonsky (Wet Net) today at the Bar. Boated a bunch of nice Kings and lost nearly as many. Highlights of the day were two big Atlantic's that acted like blue marlin going absolutely ballistic before freeing themselves. Best fighting fish in fresh water. Slowed later in the morning and then the wind blew us off the lake. Great day!
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