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  1. Thank you, Us as well. I would imagine it will, if not on a classifieds ad... setting along side the Lake Trout capitol I would think it will. Sold many there before.. lol
  2. Yes, I am on HuntingWNY, Stoneam .. Yes you offered to post the boat here for me! Thank you, that was greatly appreciated. just figured it would be easier if I did it myself lol.
  3. The estate of my fathers, should be settled this month, next at the latest. All/any paperwork for any of his belongings is in my sisters possession as she is the estate executive. I had a feeling this may cause controversy for some. All it takes is a trip to the DMV to transfer ownership. If the boat is not purchased before the estate settles. The boat registration will be in my name(within a few weeks), and in my possession as well. Therefore when the boat is purchased one day. I will have all paperwork necessary for transfer. I knew very little about this boat as I lived nearly 2 hours from my dad, while he was alive, and he had the boat stored at his friends house while rebuilding. The boat sits at my sisters home now until Estate settles, so any questions that I cant answer, I have to personally visit the boat and acquire. Once the boat is in my name, I will transfer it to our cottage on East Lake Rd Seneca Lake and it will be out for sale.
  4. I sent a text msg. Sorry at work for awhile
  5. Tax time may help some too i bet lol. I agree with the serious buyers and the tire kickers. I've been both over the years. Just like to see it go to someone who would use and enjoy the heck out of it as my Father would have. Thank you sir.
  6. Thanks all! I will check that out, Sorry i was away from the computer for a few days. I swore it was a 21ft boat as well. But I faintly remember seeing the registration before it vanished., stating 18". I could be wrong. I didnt think i would get much for hits this time of year. If it doesnt sell this winter, I have a cottage near Sampson on Seneca Lake where it will be taken and set by the road side. Not looking to make a killing off this boat, but not a hit either. Pap, what do you think a good asking price would be for this setup? When the right time of year approaches. I was going to raise the price some, come early Spring/Late Winter if it does not sell and I move it to Seneca Lake. Of course any reasonable offer would be considered.. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Probably should have re worded that better, but that was part of the reason for joining. Havent been able to fish in probably 4 years.
  8. Hi All, I'm brand new to this page, I am trying to sell one of my fathers boats. A fellow sporting acquaintance informed me of this page so I figured, what better place to start than here. Long Story short, I lost my father in a car accident over a year ago so I do not have the exact information about this boat on hand, but remember most everything he told me he did with this unit.. He registered the boat for the first time after rebuilding it, the day before his accident, but the registration was in the truck, which became engulfed in flames... and lost. But can acquire new at the DMV upon transfer. He rebuilt and tuned a 1980 Blue Fin, the boat is 18' long I believe. It has a tuned 115hp Evinrude as well as a 9.9 tuned Evinrude. Comes with Down and Out Riggers. A Bimini Top and Single axle trailer. We are asking $3,000/ OBO. We are open to any reasonable offer, need it gone! But can't just give it away. For now, we are selling as a package. Had many offers for the 9.9 alone. The boat is located currently in Macedon, NY. I'll do my best to answer any questions.. Thank you all! Bryan
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