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  1. I have different sizes and colours (silver, gold, bronze) without hooks. These are blanks/seconds from the factory..unused...and catch fish. Include split rings, great for trout, salmon, etc Silver/Bronze classic wabbler 3 1/4" (x5) Silver classic wabbler 3 1/4" (x5) Gold classic wabbler 3 1/4" (x5) Gold/Silver classic wabbler 4" (x5) Silver Whitefish 4" (x5) Gold/Silver Whitefish 5" (x5) Thirty spoons in total $80
  2. Simply have too many...Have some Evil Eyes , G-Finish Rebels and more In Toronto, Ontario.
  3. Siwash Hooks for Williams Wablers Am looking to change my 1/0 treble hooks on Williams Wablers....what is the corresponding swish hook size? Thanks
  4. WTB Eagle Feet Downrigger Mounts Looking for 2 Eagle Feet Downrigger Mounts new or good used condition Thanks
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