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  1. Thanks, that eye location is glaring to me compared to the coho. Plus the spots on the gill plate.
  2. Great info.. Thank you for that..big help...
  3. I wonder if this is 100% of the time?? The reason I ask, I have charts that are confusing because they are not definitive on the mouth to eye location. If this is 100%, it makes them pretty identifiable quick. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  4. Thanks, that photo is awesome and it definitely helps.
  5. Hey, Thanks. I appreciate you posting that.
  6. Atlantic Fish ID I seem to be having difficulty identifying atlantics over cohos. I've read tons of charts. No spots on tail, location of the eye vs the mouth but I'm seeing discrepancies in the descriptions. Can anyone one offer a quick method so an effective release can be made in a reasonable time? thanks in advance.
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