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  1. Been fishing off my sailboat for the past week...great success using a sail and no fuel. Yesterday went 5 for 7 near bluffers in 200 FOW 100 ft down.
  2. Do you guys monitor any frequency besides 16 on the lake? Real time Q n A, depth updates.
  3. Thanks for the reply... Trolling with a sailboat is tricky but the wind power is free. Will the Dipsy continue down beyond the 100 ft it says it'll go down?
  4. Dipsy Trolling Toronto Hello everyone, New to this site. I'm used to trolling in the seas with top water baits. I have a sailboat I've set up to troll with Dipsy divers. I running 50 lb braid to diver, a snubber to the teaser and 20 lb mono to the spoons. Big question is can I actually catch salmon with this set up? How deep do I need to get and how fast should I be trolling? One last question, what is the opaque moss that builds up on everything I'm dragging? All suggestions short of down riggers is welcome.
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