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  1. Your boat or mine.  All of my buddies are too busy with “other” activities.
    I mostly fish weekends but have a flexible work schedule so during the week is also possible.
    Looking for 1 or 2 fisherman who share the same passion for chasing Browns, Salmon (eastern end Ontario) and Walleye on Oneida.
    I live 90 minutes from Oswego and 30 minutes from Oneida.
    I have a FM196 and have everything we need for a descent spread. I am happy going on your boat and will split all gas and launch costs. I can typically go on short notice.
    Give me a call or text: 315-280-6053.  Tom.

    Heading out of oz solo tomorrow if ya want to go send me a message 5708151549

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  2. Been fishing out of Oswego for 2 days with only one brown to show for it, marked some in the harbor, ran a 6 line spread but couldn't move a rod. I've tried stingers, stingrays, bay rat, Rapala, smithwicks and northeast trollers.  We gave up on browns after the morning and spent the afternoons out pounding on the lakers since the brown bite is off. Over 30 bites each afternoon.
    Anyone having luck with browns? I know outside the harbor its clear and cold but I have one day left to make it happen before heading home. Hopefully the rain tonight will help. Debating on heading out of Mexico tomorrow to try my luck there! 

    We got 3 from 8am - noon just north of port ontario 11fow 5/6ft down
    Black / silver spoons 60 back give or take
    Sticks didnt move all day

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  3. Up for the weekend trying to get my brothers daughter a king, fished all morning 120-150fow

    Riggers all over 90’ to 120/125 , 15lb weights no fish hawk

    Dipseys 225-300


    Running spoons a fly and a meat rig,

    Only rod that took a hit was the leadcore junk line


    Speed from 2.2 -2.6 surface speed


    Fished by the dunes


    Going for lunch looking for some help



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