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  1. Fished out in front of the pond, Saturday just was not doable for us, Sunday we were met with terrible conditions again but went for it at 1st light, 90fow meat put one 15lb king in the box as the day went on the l lake laid down and we finished in 120/130 with 9 more bites all on meat putting 3 more in the box biggest 22lb crew was a little green (sick) so that's what I'm blaming the terrible ratio on

    Thats great info thankyou !

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  2. Beginner tips?

    Hello , ive fished for salmon since i was young. Finally got myself a worthy boat and was gonna try it first time as captain lol. Stayin in pulaski looking to get some tips on best place to launch right down to speed and bait / presentation. I also was wondering if off shore radio was still a mandatory or if now a days a cell phone was sufficient 

    boat: crestliner commander 

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