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  1. Sounds like a great family outing. Congrats on a good day
  2. bigtedd

    New to Salmon fishing

    New to Salmon fishing Hey folks, Ive been fishing for bass, walleye, and pike for years. Mostly in the BOQ area. I live in Halton Hills and want to try and take advantage of the big game fishin around the oakville to port hope area. I have a Lund Rebel 1650 . To be honest i sort of baby it when I am fishing for bass and pike. I havent really beat it up too bad or tested her in rough waters. My question would be: Do you think this vessel can handle this type of fishing in the Oakville to Port Hope area, in reasonable weather conditions? It is just a 16.5 ft boat...I am wondering if it may be too small. Thanks everyone!