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  1. lrg355 this rod just happens to have that same exact reel on it! You can barely read the Convector name on the side of it. It has seen better days and is very locked up. I don't think it can be save, even the eyes on the rod aren't the best. It's amazing I hooked it and even more amazing found the owner it belonged to. We thought it might have come out of the boat that went down out there last year. In case you were wondering it came on a green paddle and stud fly. Hooked it through the second eye from the tip.
  2. This morning hooked a rod and reel in 100 FOW in front of the plant. It's an ugly stick what type of reel did you have on it? It's got a bunch of zebra mussels on it.
  3. We used just tuna fish. We threw out the sponges because those with just scent wasn't doing a thing.
  4. Hot Lure Good afternoon All, What's the hot lure been this season? Last year we did well will Brads super bait in mountain doo and white protroll with mirage fly. Let me know what I should stock up on before I head out that way in a couple weeks. Thanks!
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