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  1. Okie from Muskogee in Ontario 1988 Skeeter F80 with a 60HP Evinrude named "Our Little Bug" is what is getting us around the lake. My name is Donnie, originally from Muskogee, Oklahoma but I immigrated to Canada 3 years ago....I have fished the same lakes since I was little, and to start over in a new country fishing some of the best bass grounds in North America, I am humbled. I have grown up with numerous great fishermen like Tommy Biffle fishing the same waterways. I only got the boat this summer, but I can tell you the bank fishing here is awesome; the only bad part being people locking off access. I have fished the St. Lawrence along between Morrisburg and Cornwall, a long stretch of the Rideau and the Ottawa River and along the South Nation. I have only begun hitting the lakes and I am impressed so far. The great part is I have only gone an hour from home. I have caught loads of huge small mouth bass from the bank and I am looking forward to dredging the bottoms of some lakes for the monsters. My wife, Michelle, is my fishing buddy. She can sometimes give me a run for my money. She grew up in the Kingston region, having the great gift of growing up on a waterfront property and 3 older brothers. She spent many summers fishing. I look forward to sharing some of my knowledge and finds along the way. I hope to learn a few things from everyone else.
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