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Black Pearl

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    Bass, Walleye, Trout and Salmon. A little Perch and Panfish as well.
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  1. I'm staring at a $2500 bill to rebuild my Mercury lower unit. just over 100 hours most of which is trolling. My run out distances are under 1/2 mile. I've researched heavily and the ETEC motor, although a little more money for what seems to be less, appears a better choice in the real world. In the size class I am in (115 HP) jumping from the 90 to 115 or 115 to 150 size really doesn't make price sense in the Merc., I will repower with the ETEC 150 when the time comes. Last thing, stay tuned because recent research had developed new and cheaper ways to make the 2 stroke oil injected run even cleaner! When these technologies are modified and applied by other manufacturers I think you will see the two stroke return as the king of the water due to its lighter wait and simplicity.