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  1. Icing BIG whiteys

    A fun and tasty fish - white fish!!!
  2. Salmon Migration Video - underwater footage

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  3. Put the rods away for once and filmed the migration. First time filming underwater.
  4. Rainbows and browns

    Rainbows and browns While waiting for the run the happen, I put together some footage from seasons prior. Itching for them to show up!
  5. St Lawrence Sturgeon

    Province of Quebec. Some miles up river from Lake Ontario on the SLR. We drove from the Toronto area 5 hours to fish for them legally. We see them here on some of our bigger rivers during the spawn. They're untouchable but just an amazing sight to see in Ontario. Figured a 5 hr drive for a chance to hook into a beauty was a small price to pay.
  6. St Lawrence Sturgeon

    I always abide by the law wherever I fish and practice catch and release but do enjoy the occasional harvest. Never sturgeon, this was my first time catching Sturgeon. On the Canadian side in the province of Quebec, not Ontario - fishing for Sturgeon is legal and there is a 1 posession limit in a specific slot size. The guide we went with was super knowledgable about the fishery and will not take anyone if you plan on harvesting. I sense there may be a chance is the commercial fisheries soon, and a potential Catch and release only for recreational anglers. Sturgeon are incredible. Acrobatic, bulldogging and long runs. It's a shame the fish was considered a nuisance. I read years back, they use to harvest sturgeon by the thousands in the Detroit river and use the fish as fuel for the boats because of their oily flesh. Crazy!!
  7. St Lawrence Sturgeon A bucket list item fulfilled. This is something I would do again given the opportunity. It was constant action and a wicked arm workout. Lol.