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    full time, year round professional fishing guide and charter captain.
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  1. I edited the description, sorry. There are 6 reels, I just didn't throw them all on the pic. I can provide pics of them all if you're interested. Thats what I'm truly selling Mr. Purrfectfit.
  2. Lightly used Shimano Tekota 600 and 600LC reels for sale. I have (4) 600LC's and (2) 600's, a few spools of Blood Run 1000' 30# SS line to go with them if bought altogether. (2) 600 reels have a full spool of 300' copper. All reels are in great working order. Reels are $175 ea. or sold as a lot of (6) for $1,000 shipped. Text me @ (707) 616-1905 to complete purchase. Pay Pal invoice will be sent and payment may be paid online. Thank you!
  3. Pair of Shimano Tekota 800's. Reels were never used and are new in box and are priced at $150 ea. Buy the pair and I will pay shipping to any address in the USA! I will email invoice to buyer for easy online payment. Thank you! Text (707) 616-1905 if you want more info.
  4. Great prices and excellent customer service. I've purchased two HDS units from him and both orders were flawless. He can also answer installation questions as well. Very helpful..
  5. Thanks for the reply bandrus1. My primary objective will be to fish for browns so timing and locations will certainly have to coincide. Knowing where the best concentration of Browns exists during the spring months in open water would be most beneficial. There is certainly a go to location for the peak brown fishing during certain weeks of the spring like anywhere else. Its not so much of a catching trip as it is a learning trip. You guys are decades ahead of west coasters when it comes to the techniques you deploy, especially here in California. If you see a boat with anything more than 2-4 downriggers on the stern of a boat on the lakes around here, it confuses people. I just need to find a location and a captain who is willing to share some knowledge.
  6. I've recently started applying Great Lakes style equipment and techniques during my lake charters, specifically the use of side planers and weight rods. I am lucky to live in an area that offers such good fishing on large nearby lakes/reservoirs. We fish for landlocked salmon, brown and rainbow trout. I have always been successful catching good numbers of fish with clients, but have moved towards satisfying my clients for catching BIG German Browns mainly. I'm finding instant success getting into big browns employing Great Lakes techniques. I'm hoping to learn even more through this community and will be heading east for a brown trout charter this spring and wish to fish with the best captain out there. I know there are many, but perhaps I could get some opinions from other seasoned captains. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions. Tight lines!
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