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  1. Thanks for the feedbak. Are you saying I should just post one item at a time?
  2. New and /or used ¾” and 5/8” white 3 strand rope. Tensile strength of new ¾” rope = 17150 pounds and new 5/8” rope = 11650 pounds. Used Taylor Made 10” X 26” Black Fenders $35.00 Ea, new 5/8” X 200’ white nylon 3 strand anchor line with spliced in thimble $190.00, new 5/8” X 150 +/- white 3 strand anchor line with spliced in thimble, new ¾” X 64’ 3 strand white nylon rope $65.00, new 5/8” X 32’ 3 strand white nylon rope with spliced in thimble $30.00, The following 3 strand nylon dock line listings have all been previously used: 18’ / 8” eye $20.00, 20’ / 8” eye $22.50, 20’ / 12” eye $22.50, 22’ X 11” eye $25.00, 24’ X 21” eye $27.50 and 32’ X 11” eye$ 32.50 New and /or used 9/16” white 3 strand rope. Tensile strength of new 9/16” rope = 88000 pounds. New 9’ / 9”eye $6.00, New 9’ / 8” eye $6.00, New 11’ /12” eye (spliced) $7.50, New 18’ / 12” eye $11.50, New 21’ / 11” eye $12.75 and New 24’ / 11” eye $14.50. Used 9’ / 8” eye $5.00, Used 9’ / 8” eye $5.00, Used 15’ / 12” eye $8.50, Used 15’ / 12” eye $8.50, Used 18’ / 12” eye $10.00 and used 46’ / 11” eye $22.50. Used fenders and landing nets. Attwood5” X 22” $6.00, (2) Taylor Made 5 ½” X 20” Hull Guard Fenders $4.00 each. New and used Landing nets: On the far left a new Pepper 22X28X38 deep, 4’-6’-8’ handle $75.00.00. Center net is used no label 30X39X36 deep 4’ handle $35.00. Far right net is used Cummings 30X35X36 deep, 6’-8’ handle $35.00: Located in Webster NY and Hegedorns is a good landmark. Email: [email protected] 585-872-0927
  3. There are 2 units a master and follower with extendable booms Everything shown is included . $1500.00
  4. Ernie 585-872-0927 In Webster Close to 104 and Hard Rd Everything shown and/or listed $1500.00 Two complete sets of Cannon Digi-trol IV downriggers ( Leader and Follower) with extendable booms, swivel bases, base locks, three rod holders per unit, Cannon Covers, Retro-Ease Weight Retrievers, Logic Relay, DT IV Transducer (This was installed on the boat however, after a change in plans, it was never energized and than removed), Uni-Release, Gimbal Mounts to mount downriggers into recessed rod holders, Big-Body Cannon Lock assemblies, Two 10# downrigger weights and the post for mounting the Rear Mount Dual Rod Holder to the downrigger. The original information of the Digi-troll IV is copied because this is what I am selling and what you are buying. and not anything more or less and since they have been around for a while almost everyone will express an opinion about them either real or imagined. Cannon® Diqi-Troll" IV is designed for serious sport fishermen who demand the ultimate in downrigger technology. Digi-Troll IV's electronic control lets you program three descent and retrieve speeds and five different depths, then access them at the touch of a button. Its cycle-function will jig your bait or lure up and down at a predetermined depth and time interval - a feature West Coast fishermen find particularly effective for Pacific salmon. Digi-Troll IV's expanded bottom tracking mode is more sensitive than ever before. Digi-Troll IV follows the bottom contour, and keeps your weight at a preset distance off the bottom - even though the contour changes by as little as one foot. The unit can be programmed to minus 50 feet to compensate for blow-back and allow truer bottom tracking. Digi-TroIl IV's Depth Display Screen, similar to a flasher, shows you the true bottom depth. Install one master model Digi-Troll-IV which is linked to a transducer, and all your Digi Troll IVs (slaves) can be linked to bottom tracking through the logic relays. You can run multiple sets at different depths, say, the master unit at 30 feet off the bottom, units one and five at 10 feet, and units two and four at 6 feet. They'll remain that distance from the bottom, no matter how the contour changes. Digi-TroIl IV's improved single board circuitry allows the slaves to bottom track while the master performs other functions, such as cycling. Digi·Troll IV --Three-speed computerized down rigger. Saltwater and freshwater. Computerized control with 5-depth memory. Single board circuitry. Optional bottom tracking prevents underwater snags w/master unit and logic relays. Depth display screen. Low voltage warning system. Auto-Up'" weight retrieve with Soft- Stop'" eliminates jerking, stops weight at water line. 235 ft./min. retrieve rate. Non-fouling cable reel with 400 ft./150-lb. test corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel cable. Clutch/brake. Positive-locking rod holder (rec. max. 30-lb. class tackle). Snap-on terminator. Ball storage hook. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Ernie 585-872-0927 In Webster Close to 104 and Hard Rd
  5. Power for personal water craft. jet ski, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile and moped (1) Ever Start Power Sport ES16LBS Battery ($50.00) Battery is in nice clean used condition Measured 11.48 V on 7/29/20. Ever Start Power Sport ES16LBS Battery has become extremely popular because of the value it provides. With its spill proof and leak proof design, this is not a battery that will need to be replaced frequently, or require high-level maintenance. EverStart Power Sport Battery, Group Size ES16LBS: Power for motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, moped and personal water craft, Starting power meets or exceeds manufacturer's requirements, Spill-proof design, Advanced battery technology that eliminates the need to ever add water, Holds specific gravity more than 3 times longer than conventional lead antimony batteries, Specifications: Manufacturer Part Number ES-16LBS; Weight 14.4 lbs., Volts 12, Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.94 x 4.00 x 6.13 Inches. Right Hand Positive, (2) EverStart Lead Acid PowerSport Battery ( $35.00) Group Size ES-16CLB (12 Volts/240 CCA. Battery is in nice clean used condition. Measured 13.26 V on 7/29/20. Specifications: Height (in.) 6.125, Width (in.) 4, Length (in.) 6.875, Voltage 12, Weight (lbs.) 17, Right Hand Positive, (3) Magna Power AGM Factory Activated Battery ($55.00) Battery is in nice clean used condition Battery Measured 12.42 V on 7/29/20. Magna Power AGM Factory Activated Battery. The power sports AGM battery was designed for more than performance";" it was designed for the enthusiast. Completely spill proof and leak proof, so frequent replacement and high maintenance are over! The absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology increases power while improving rider and environmental safety. The key to this technology is the highly porous microfiber separators which completely absorbs and traps the electrolyte. AGM Maintenance free design eliminates damage from acid spills and corrosion, Comes factory filled - no need to add acid, Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable, Withstands damaging effects of vibration, Low discharge rates for off season storage. Specifications Height (in.) 6.125, Width (in.) 4, Length (in.) 6.875, Voltage 12, Weight (lbs.) 17, Right Hand Positive, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 325, Webster, near Rt 104 & Holt Rd
  6. Sixteen lure hangers with about 13 lures per hanger.The pictures tell the story. Predominetly NK's. Located Webster near Rt 104 and Hard Road. Hegedorns is a good landmark. Text 585-280-3303
  7. Got a master and slave if you are interested.
  8. Used Landing nets: Cummings30X35X36 deep, 6’-8’ handle $45.00: Pepper 22X28X38 deep, 4’-6’-8’ handle $100.00: Cummings 19X25X25 deep 4’ handle $25.00, No label 30X39X36 deep 4’ handle $45.00: Plano 757 tackle box w draws $35.00: Plano hanging lure tackle box $45.00: New never used Sea Anchors, Drogues, Trolling brakes, Trolling bags made by Weather Stopper Clayton NY Flat dimensions 36’ wide X 36” Long translates to a 72” circumference or 24” (72”/pi= 24”) diameter opening. $125.00
  9. The pair of Cannon Digitak IV's, master and slave and associated hardware, is still available in Webster. They have the telescoping booms right from the factory. Email [email protected] or call 585-872-0927 and leave a message as I have several commitments that must be kept. - Ernie
  10. Looking for a Cetrek Portable Autopilot Control. The one shown has a straight control wire but some may have a curled wire that stretches and retracts. Let me know what and where. I am in Webster.
  11. Located in Webster close to Hard Road and Ridge Road just south of 104. ( Hegedorns is a good landmark) You name the price. Anchor 13# Hooker 21’-32’ boat: Anchor chain 10’ (.220”): Anchor line 9/16” 150’ (+/-) can be cut into dock, tow, or storm lines: Anchor line 5/8” 200’ can be cut into dock, tow, or storm lines: Dock lines ¾” 10”-12” spliced eye 12’,22’and 22’: Dock, tow, or storm 5/8” line 72’: Dock lines 9/16” 10”–12” spliced eye 9’,10’,11’ and 16’: Dock lines 7/16” 10”–12” spliced eye 9’,9’,9’, 14’,15’, 18’ and 46’: Drift bags (2) 72” circumference X 3’ Long: Fender whips 5’,5’,6 ½’, 7’, 7 ½’, 8’, 11’, and 17’: Plastic battery box cover 15” X 8 ¼”: 500 GPH bilge pump: Portable spotlight 5 ½”: Landing nets: and 2 tackle boxes. Located in Webster close to Hard Road and Ridge Road just south of 104. ( Hegedorn is a good landmark) You name the price.
  12. Got the Pics for you. Thought they were attached the first time.
  13. Plano 4 draw lift top Model 757 $35.00. Plano hanging lure tackle box $50.00. Landing net far left is new Pepper 28X22X25 deep net length 7' handle (normal) 11' extended $75.00. Second from left Used Cummings 33X30X33 deep net 5' handle 9' extended $ 35.00. Third from left Used Cummings 19X25X28 deep net 56" length overall. $12.50 Last net far right 37X40X35 deep net X 4' overall collapsed 9' extended $25.00 Everything in like new or very good condition. Webster NY
  14. Canon New Vintage Unused Digi Trol IV’s Master and slave downrigger units with all accessories as shown in the photos. Includes gimbal (rod holder) mounts, low profile swivel bases, dual front mount rod holder, rear mount rod holder, Cannon logo covers, retro-ease weight retriever, big body Cannon locks, Cannon offshore line releases, logic relay interface master to slave, DT IV Transducer (transom installed has to be considered used as it was install once then removed after one season but never used but never hooked up), 10 pound finned lead weights, two stubby adaptors and instruction manual. $1750.00 all Digi- Troll IV Factory Settings --The Digi- Troll IV factory settings allow you to immediately use your downrigger without taking the time to program settings. Listed below are the factory settings: RUN-TO DEPTH (the depth the cable will automatically go to) 1 foot: CYCLE TIME (the time delay for the cycle depth) 15 sec. ; CYCLE DEPTH (the amount of vertical travel to simulate strikes) 5 feet: ZERO (position of weight above the water level) 2 feet: CABLE (Indicates 400 feet of cable) CA4: UP SPEED (speed to bring weight up) Fast: DOWN SPEED (speed to take weight down) Fast. There are also five settings stored in memory to allow you quick and easy changes to the depth of the cable. The factory settings are: Depth Memory Values : #1 -25 feet: #2 - 50 feet : #3 -100 feet: #4 -150 feet: and #5 -200 feet.
  15. I am located in Webster and I prefer not to split the items up at this time.
  16. 10” dia. Taylor Made Big “B” boat bumpers with a life time guarantee. The Anchor has been used and is a 13# Hooker. The nylon anchor line is 150” +- and measures 9/16” diameter. A little over ½”. All set up ready to use complete with anchor chain. The nylon dock line is 72’ of 5/8” Our long distance cruising days are now behind us and it does not make any sense to hang onto this extra equipment any longer. Asking $280 for everything.,
  17. Hooker Anchor 13# $35.00, 9/16” Anchor Line 150’+- $115.00, 5/8” Anchor Line 200’ $150.00, Anchor Chain 10’ .220” diameter links with 2 shackles $20.00, Three Strand Nylon Dock Lines 7/16” Diameter With 12” eyes – (3) 9’ $7.00 each, (1) 14’ $9.50, (1) 15’ $10.00, (2) 18’ $11.50 each, (1) 21’ $13.00, (1) 26’ $15.50, and (1) 46 $25.50’ for dock, anchor or tow line. Three Strand Nylon Dock Lines 9/16”Diameter With 12” eyes - (1) 9’ $ 9.25, (1) 10’ $10.00, (1) 11’ $10.75, (1) 16’ $14.50 and (1) 45’ +_’ $36.25, (1 ) 55’+_ $43.75, for dock, anchor or tow line. Three Strand Nylon Dock Lines 3/4”Diameter With 12” eyes – (2)22’ $22.00 each, (1) 32’ $32.00 and (1) 12’ braided $12.00 Plano Phantom Tackle Box 1464 (25.00), Rebel Futuro XL Tackle Box W, 2 pair crimping pliers, leader sleeves, leader material, and downrigger swivels ($35.00), Plano Tackle Box 757 with opening top and pull out drawers, ($35.00), Plano Hanging lure tackle box (50.00). Fender Whips 7/16” for hanging fenders – (1) 6’, (1) 7’, & (1) 8’ $3.00 each, (1) ¼” X 11’ with toggle stop $4.00, (1) ½” X 7’ braided $3.00, and (1) ½” X 17’ braided $6.00. Drouge / Sea Anchor / Drift anchor 24” diameter X 36” length. $50.00
  18. I have a set of new Cannon Digitrol IV master and slave. Is this what you had in mind? .
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