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    Hemlock bank fishing

    Hey thx. I really appreciate the response. Where do I access the north trail and how long of a walk is it to the end? I am almost 66 and in good shape but too long of a walk and I may go in but never get out. :-)
  2. Anyone fish from the shore on Hemlock and/or Canadice? Went yesterday at the south boat launch at Hemlock. I walked the trail a bit but really saw no open areas to freely cast from. Can anyone suggest an open and productive area to fish from? As always your responses are appreciated.
  3. Sure Strike shows "permanently closed" on google
  4. Thx all. I appreciate the responses!! Now the hard part ... picking one.
  5. I live in Rochester and would like to take my son in law on a charter fishing trip on Lake Ontario. Can anyone recommend a charter that provides a great service? I have never chartered before so not sure in what direction to go. Any comments will be much appreciated.
  6. My son in law is from India and will be here for a few months in June. I would like to take him out fishing but he is neither a citizen nor a resident of NYS. Will he be able to purchase a temporary fishing license? I'm not quite sure of the regulations pertaining to non-citizen/NYS non-resident individuals. Many thx.
  7. Hello Bandrus1 --I have not looked into that -- I don't have or use Facebook so that is one social media vehicle I wouldn't turn to -- are they primaarily a Christian grouping?
  8. I am a retired banker in the Rochester NY area who is looking to pal up with other retired men who just enjoy a day on the water. I am a Christian man who would also find it beneficial to share some Christian fellowship with other believers who enjoy the sport of fishing. I have gone the "club" route but it's not for me. It would be good to create a network of Christian anglers in the area who like to share their passion for their faith and love for fishing with others. I am not looking to start a new club just an informal listing of others who would benefit from this type of networking. Maybe such a network exists of which I am not aware. If so, can you share more info on that with me? If you would like to add another fishing friend to your water excursions, let me know. Thx all.
  9. Thx all for the responses. I do understand the need to curtail anglers who look to snag fish without the normal "hook in mouth" approach. But for the pan fish type angler who likes to catch the sunnie or perch or blue gill or etc., etc., and likes using a drop shot with a worm and small hook this reg. seems a bit strict. I will bet that many pan fish anglers don't even know this fall/winter restriction exists. Oh well. It is what it is.
  10. What is the wisdom of all of this (especially the "no weight below the lure" portion)? It would seem that a small night crawler hook is pretty harmless regardless of whether it hangs above or below the weight. Also if the leader that holds the hook hangs lower (when pulled down vertically when out of the water) than the weight itself (even though the weight is tied to the bottom of the line) is it then legal? I'm sure when fished it will probably suspend above the weight. Just seems a little over regulated. Do you know if this holds true for the Erie Canal? Ty.
  11. I have a few questions as they pertain to Lake Ontario fishing and its related tributaries. I am hoping you can shed some light on these issues. As the regulations pertain to ... 1. "Any weight added to the line, leader, swivels, artificial fly or lure shall not hang lower than the hook when the line or leader is held vertically." Does this regulation forbid a drop shot rig? I like using a night crawler tied above a weight so that the weight sits on the bottom and the hook suspends above it. Is this set up illegal and if so is it only regulated from 9/1 - 3/31? The hooks I use are often tied to a nylon (i believe nylon) leader. 2. "Only one hook with a single hook point is permitted, except as outlined below for floating lures and artificial flies." Does this forbid sinking lures with treble hooks? Again, only from 9/1 - 3/31? 3. "Hooks attached to any lure must be free-swinging, except on an artificial fly" What about a jig head which has an attached hook that is thread through a plastic lure? 9/1 - 3/31? Thank you for clarification on this. Some of these issues are confusing and would benefit from further clarification.
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